His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1139 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (9)

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Chapter 1139: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (9)

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Shang Mo was the special guest of the School of Design. He had not wished to attend initially, but his company had a collaboration with the School of Design which would be announced for commencement that evening.

When he arrived, the banquet was already bustling with noise. People gathered together in groups of twos and threes. They were talking and laughing together.

His tall and robust figure, along with his aura of elegance, attracted the eyes of many.

The president of the School of Design immediately walked forward and warmly welcomed him. The president told him that they were announcing the project that night, and he said that the winner of the design competition was a rare and outstanding talent who would participate in the project as well.

Shang Mo did not converse with him and only listened in silence. His expression was nonchalant since he was not interested in the people participating in the project. He was more interested in the future success of the project.

The president pointed at Mo Feifei, who by then, was chatting with Chen Xinian. “Mo Feifei, the woman who is talking to Vice-President Chen in front of you, is the winner of the design competition.”

Shang Mo slightly raised his head. The distance was too far, so the woman’s contour was blurry from his view. He could not clearly see her, and he only knew that it was a delicate and pretty woman.

The woman turned sideways all of a sudden and he was able to catch what she looked like. His body momentarily froze.

His expression contorted to shock. His eyes shot two hot beams of light as though a starving lion looking at a wild rabbit.

But the shock on his face quickly disappeared. His hot gaze changed to a calm one and he hid away that look of surprise.

Finally, it disappeared into nothingness.

There was no mistake. That woman’s facial features were the same as Rong Mo however, it seemed to look different as well.

Rong Mo was a woman. That day… even if he was conscious… if Rong Mo had not appeared, he would have thought it was a dream.

So, Rong Mo was a man.

Even if Rong Mo was a woman, she could not have grown such beautiful long hair in a month.

Even if this woman resembled Rong Mo, she could not be Rong Mo.

His gaze was so strong at the start that it was impossible for Mo Feifei to not notice. She instinctively twisted her head and saw Shang Mo standing not too far away. Her heartbeat sounded a few times as though it was beating a drum.

Sh*t. Why is Shang Mo here at the banquet? Did he see her?

They looked at each other for a moment, but Shang Mo looked away again. During that moment of staring, there was no surprise and no agitation. There was no movement as though they were looking at strangers.

There was only an icy cold overlook from both sides.

Mo Feifei turned her head mechanically and widened her eyes. Her facial expression was white as a sheet and she looked shocked.

Chen Xinian, who was standing aside, saw the president with Shang Mo and walked towards them. He brought along Mo Feifei.

Mo Feifei wanted to find an excuse to leave. However, Chen Xinian had already walked forward, and at the same time, the president and Shang Mo walked towards them.

Chen Xinian greeted both of them and introduced Mo Feifei to Shang Mo.

“Hello, Mr. Shang.” Mo Feifei had a nervous heart and she forced herself to laugh. She put her head down and her long eyelashes were slightly trembling, showing her nervousness.

Would Shang Mo suspect her identity? The long hair and spectacles were still a large change.

Moreover, when she was Rong Mo, she would make her voice coarse when she spoke. Today, she was speaking normally with the voice of a woman. Hence, she should not be found out.