His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1138 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (8)

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Chapter 1138: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (8)

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On the day of the design competition announcement, Mo Feifei arrived ten minutes earlier than scheduled for the banquet feast at level five of the Carlton hotel.

The banquet hall had light golden as the theme and it exuded an aura of extravagance and glamour. The ceiling had gorgeous crystal chandeliers and beautiful European style furniture. An elegant bar stood on the side as well. It was all in the color of gold and all exuded an aura of nobility.

Guests arrived at the hall on level five one after another and they all wore gorgeous outfits.

The women wore exquisite and beautiful make-up while the men were well-dressed. In the banquet, people talked and drank together—it was a lively party.

However, if one were to take a closer look, everyone had forced smiles. They talked nonchalantly and blurted comparisons with each other.

When Mo Feifei entered, Chen Xinian saw her immediately. He apologized to the woman who he was chatting with and walked towards Mo Feifei.

He looked at Mo Feifei’s appearance and a look of surprise shone in his eyes.

Mo Feifei wore a grey dress. The lace pattern on her chest and the straight hair that fell in front of her chest looked blurry yet beautiful. Moreover, with her tall and thin figure, it showed her beautiful legs which held a sense of seductiveness.

Chen Xinian kept staring at her legs, the infatuation in his eyes was strong.

The banquet had yet to begin, but Chen Xinan had already proceeded to introduce a few business partners of the School of Design to Mo Feifei.

Unknowingly, she became Chen Xinian’s disciple under the talk of these people.

Mo Feifei raised her brow, she was displeased but said nothing.

At that moment, a woman wearing a black gown walked towards them. Her dress had a V-neck and the curve of her chest was evident and that alone made her look poised. She flashed a sweet smile to Mo Feifei. “Hello, we meet again.”

It was Chen Xinian’s secretary, Li Meihua. That day, they met when she passed her manuscript.

“Hello!” Mo Feifei shook her hand with her.

“You look very pretty tonight, Miss Mo,” Li Meihua complimented.

Mo Feifei praised her back respectfully. “You look beautiful tonight too.”

“How can I compare with Miss Mo? If I didn’t know you, I would have thought that Miss Mo was a celebrity.” Li Meihua continued to smile, however, there was a tinge of coldness in it. Moreover, the way she looked at Mo Feifei was not kind.

“One look at Miss Mo’s appearance and talent, one would know that she is an upright person. Unlike other women who seduce men with their beauty and are blinded by riches and glory, not caring if the man had a girlfriend or wife. Such women do not understand honor and shame.”

Mo Feifei’s smile slowly disappeared.

She had not offended Li Meihua, but why did she feel that she was purposely making oblique accusations at her?

Chen Xinian could tell too and his gaze became cold before throwing a sharp look at her.

Li Meihua withdrew her hand that was held up sideways back and instinctively gripped it tightly. Her face turned dark for a brief moment before she smiled again and said, “I have a friend who arrived over there. You guys carry on.”

She left swiftly.

“Chen Xinian, Miss Li is your girlfriend?” Mo Feifei could only think of that as the reason for Li Meihua hating on her.

However, Chen Xinian denied it. “She’s not!”

Mo Feifei thought that even if she was not his girlfriend, Li Meihua must have liked Chen Xinian. It was obvious from her look, but Chen Xinian… No matter what, she was not willing to be pulled into other relationships’ mess.