His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1137 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (7)

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Chapter 1137: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (7)

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Zhu Yuyu came out from the fitting room and raised her head up. Through the mirror, she saw Mo Feifei’s back view from afar. She furrowed her brows and instinctively called out, “Rong Mo.”

Shang Mo immediately took his eyes off the magazine and looked towards Zhu Yuyu gaze. But he saw the back view of a woman.

Although it looked similar, she was not Rong Mo.

Zhu Yuyu found Shang Mo looking at her and sighed. “You saw wrongly. It’s not brother Rong Mo.” She spun around and took a look in the mirror, asking, “What do you think of this outfit, cousin.”

“Whatever,” Shang Mo simply retorted and did not raise his head.

Zhu Yuyu heard his perfunctory tone, and she unhappily said, “It would be better if brother Rong Mo was here. He would definitely meticulously help me pick out the best dress for my coming-of-age ceremony.”

In actual fact, she could do it herself. However, grandma said that according to their family tradition, the dress for the coming-of-age ceremony had to be picked with the help of her brother for her to be happy in the future.

Shang Mo’s face turned slightly dark.

Although Rong Mo did not become Yuyu’s boyfriend, he pampered Yuyu very much and treated Yuyu very well. If it was Rong Mo, he would definitely dress Yuyu up to be the prettiest girl during her coming-of-age ceremony.

Shang Mo closed the magazine in his hand and put it aside. He stood up and helped Yuyu pick a very suitable present.

As they walked out of the shop, Chen Xinian could evidently feel that Mo Feifei was in a bad mood. He thought that he had made her angry with his actions earlier and quickly apologized.

Mo Feifei laughed. “No. It’s not your fault, President Chen. It’s just that I have something on.”

She meant that she wanted to leave now. Chen Xinian was too solicitous towards her but they were not familiar with each other yet.

As he looked at Mo Feifei’s back view, Chen Xinian’s face darkened.

Mo Feifei could care less about Chen Xinian’s opinion as she was troubled.

She thought that if she used her death to bid farewell to Rong Mo, would it be too cruel and callous to Granny Shang and the others?

She wanted to find Shi Guang to chat, but only when she arrived at Shi Guang’s house doorstep had she realized that her sister went on a honeymoon. She would only come back after the New Year.

On the day of Zhu Yuyu’s coming-of-age ceremony, there was a grand party at the Zhu family. Mo Feifei participated as well. She looked afar and saw Zhu Yuyu wearing a small pink dress. The hem of the dress flared out and it made her look young and beautiful. She tied a pretty bun on and wore a bright crown on top. She looked like an elegant princess.

At her side, two girls looked at Zhu Yuyu with envy imbued in their eyes. They sincerely complimented, “The dress Zhu Yuyu is wearing is really beautiful and her crown…”

“Didn’t you know who prepared the dress for her? It’s her cousin, Mr. Shang.”

“Give me a dozen cousins like him.”

“Why can’t he be my boyfriend?”

“That’s Mr. Shang, who dare to… he is bisexual, I’m afraid.”

“But he is handsome. If he liked me, I wouldn’t care if he is bisexual. I am willing.”

She saw Shang Mo sitting at a corner alone and he held a glass of wine in his hand. His face had no expression and his eyes cold like ice. He looked out of place.

Mo Feifei let out a long breath and turned around to leave.

Maybe they would miss her at the start and would be sad over ‘Rong Mo’s’ death. But after some time, their life would go back to normal.

If she went back, she would only give them more troubles.