His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1136 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (6)

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Chapter 1136: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (6)

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Mo Feifei was curious as to what Chen Xinian was doing in a female boutique store. Could he be buying his girlfriend a present? Who would have known that Chen Xinian stopped in his tracks and looked at the aqua blue dress on his right before he picked it up… And he then gave it to her? “Feifei, try it on.”

After the meal, Chen Xinian started addressing Mo Feifei as Feifei.

The dress was for her? Mo Feifei was shocked and rejected nicely, “I don’t need clothes at the moment.”

“It’s my younger sister’s birthday soon. I want to buy a dress for her. Since both of you have similar figures, I wanted to ask you for help to try it on.” Chen Xinian chuckled.

‘I see.’ Mo Feifei took over the dress and went into the dressing room. After she changed into the dress, the aqua blue dress showed off her snow-white skin and her smooth and delicate arms came into sight.

Since the dress was tight-fitting, it showed off her perfect figure. The dress exposed a small part of her neckline that displayed her delicate skin. She looked elegant yet sexy at the same time.

“You look so pretty. The dress really suits you.” Chen Xinian stared at her for a little too long, and it somehow made Mo Feifei feel uncomfortable.

“Yes, this lady has a good figure and style. She looks very sexy and stylish wearing this dress. Besides, the material of the dress is real silk so it would be comfortable wearing it,” said the shop attendant who stood beside them. He had a polite smile on his face.

Mo Feifei looked at herself in the mirror and felt that the dress was nice. However, it was not her cup of tea.

“If that’s the case, your younger sister would be very suitable for the dress,” said Mo Feifei while smiling.

“She’s not as suitable as you for the dress. How about I buy you the dress?” asked Chen Xinian.

Mo Feifei immediately declined, “It’s fine, President Chen.”

“You don’t have to feel so bad, we will be colleagues soon so there’s no need to draw such a fine line between us. Besides, I feel that this dress really suits you,” Chen Xinian said it so indifferently as if it was normal to give a colleague a dress.

However, Mo Feifei disagreed with the statement. Precisely, because they were just colleagues, how could they not draw a line between them? Also, she was not even close to President Chen!

“You can take it as a thank you gift for the meal.”

“No, thank you. Please give me a moment!” Mo Feifei flatly rejected. She walked to the fitting room to change out of the dress.

Just as she was about to come out, she saw a man and a lady walked into the store, and that was enough to make her stop dead in her tracks.

The man was handsome and had delicate sculpture-liked features. His gaze was sharp and his thin lips were tightly pursed. He let out a strong demeanor. This person was Shang Mo.

The girl was petite and cute as she was wearing a set of branded training clothes on her. She looked very young and was undoubted Shang Mo’s cousin, Zhu Yuyu.

“Cousin, you must be lying to me. How could Brother Rong Mo die? You are lying, right? It must be because you don’t want me to be together with Brother Rong Mo so you lied to me,” somberly said Zhu Yuyu as she pouted her lips.

Shang Mo had no patience to console her, and it could be seen that he was forced to accompany Zhu Yuyu to buy clothes.

Once he entered the store, he sat in the VIP area and took a magazine. After this, he started reading it.

Zhu Yuyu pursed her lips and casually took a dress before walking to the fitting room.

Upon seeing that Shang Mo’s face was covered by the magazine, Mo Feifei took the dress she just tried on and gave it directly to the shop attendant before walking out of the store without a word.

“Feifei, wait for me…” Chen Xinian froze and quickly followed up.