His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1134 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (4)

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Chapter 1134: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (4)

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Su Qianxun creased her forehead and expressed that she was the aunt. How could a brat, who was younger than her by two years, be the one teaching her?

She gently coughed out before continuing with a serious face. “Don’t make yourself sound so old. It is as though you’ve dated many times before.”

Mo Feifei chuckled. “I have not dated before but if I found someone who I like, I would tell him that I like him straight away. If he likes me, we will be together. If he doesn’t, I will not look for him again.”

Su Qianxun looked at her cunningly. “I have a senior who looks very handsome and has a good personality. He seems pretty matching with you. Do you want me to arrange a blind date for both of you?”

Upon hearing that Su Qianxun was introducing a date for her, she burst into laughter. “You can introduce him to me if I still don’t have a boyfriend by the time I need to get married.”

“You are not getting younger, you should find one soon.”

“Recently, I have been busy preparing for a design competition. I mean I can’t possibly be lazing at home all day. I have to get a job.”

“You’re not acting anymore?” She recalled the time when they were acting together. To act well, Mo Feifei read the novel and script every day. She took her learning seriously. Now that she was finally experiencing some success, she suddenly gave up acting. What a pity!

“I am still more interested in drawing.”

Mo Feifei fell in love with art design just recently, and although she only submitted a piece of her work, she drew the whole series out.

The starry night sky and galaxy she imagined in her head was too beautiful.

She once searched on Baidu that when a person is in a vegetative state, it was normal for them to experience such phenomena.

She even found a case where a person in a vegetative state woke up and drew the underworld he saw in his dream. The drawing looked absolutely horrendous.

However, she was lucky to have seen the most beautiful heaven she imagined.

She was supposed to receive the results of the competition the week after, however, she received a call from the school of design today. The caller was the youngest vice-president of the school in history—Chen Xinian.

When she submitted her original work to the school of design, she had seen him once. He was a mature and charming man in his thirties. It was said that he grew interested in her after seeing the picture online, and hence he came to receive her personally. As such, she passed her art piece to Chen Xinian and felt rather flattered.

Chen Xinian observed her art piece attentively and even praised her work. It can be seen that Chen Xinian was a very professional designer.

If nothing out of the blue happens, her name should be included in the name list for the awardees.

Yet, she suddenly received a call from Chen Xinian today. He had asked her to make a trip to the school as he had something to discuss with her.

Since it was on a Saturday, the workers were all off for the day. Hence, the massive school was rather quiet that day.

She walked to Chen Xinian’s office and knocked on the door. After she heard him say ‘come in‘, she pushed open the door and entered.

In the office sat a refined man who wore a suit. He gave off an elitie feel. He had a tall build and a sharp nose, coupled with a golden framed glasses that made him look rather cultured. Upon seeing Mo Feifei, his eyes lit up, and he immediately stood up to welcome her.

“It’s nice meeting you, Mr. Chen.”

Mo Feifei dressed differently from before. Previously, she was in her casual wear and even had a baseball in her hands. However, she wore a white dress that day and showed off her petite figure. She also wore a long coat. Her glasses and long hair made her look very fresh and cultured.