His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1132 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (2)

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Chapter 1132: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (2)

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Lu Yanzhi raised his brows and looked at her blushing red face and foggy eyes. She looked really charming and attractive.

He narrowed his gaze and it had a slight trace of gloominess. “At least I am not like you who got wine in her brain!!” he said.

Su Qianxun snarled, “If you have forgotten things, then I’ll remind you again. That day at my house, when you returned my house keys, I thought I had made things clear and you agreed.”

Lu Yanzhi’s tone remained the same. “I know.”

How could he forget his decision? Even until last night, he still stood by it.

Only during that morning had his mind wavered. A man should have his principles. But when they were together, there were no principles or limits.

He wanted to know something. He knew that she did not like him—even hated him to the guts. But why did she call out ‘Ah-Zhi’ when she was sick?

“Since you still are aware of it, then can I trouble you to not embarrass yourself? Now, please…” Su Qianxun said. She moved her head in a gesture, signaling him to let go.

Lu Yanzhi moved closer to her lips and their breath mingled warmly together. His hand sneaked their way inside of her bathrobe and felt her fair-skinned thigh.

“Why don’t you tell me? When you were sick…” ‘Why did you call out my name?’

At that moment, the room door was opened from the outside, ultimately cutting off Lu Yanzhi’s words.

Old Master Su walked inside and saw how Lu Yanzhi had pressed his daughter Su Qianxun down on the dining table. Su Qianxun was wearing a bathrobe and her long legs were still hooked on Lu Yanzhi’s leg.

The posture they both had was very intimate. With one look, one would know what they were doing.

In broad daylight, both of them… Old Master Su facial features were unpredictable.

The two of them looked at Old Master Su’s dumbfounded face and were slightly stunned. They couldn’t continue their actions. Su Qianxun immediately pushed Lu Yanzhi away while the latter released his hands.

While Su Qianxun sorted out her clothes, she explained to Old Master Su, “Dad, it’s not what you think it looks like.”

At this moment, Old Master Su’s expression reverted back to his normal strict face. “What did it look like? If I may not be mistaken, I asked you before when both of you are getting married. Now, it seems like this is the right timing.”

Su Qianxun felt that this was a big misunderstanding. She became frantic and immediately said, “Dad, it’s totally not what you think it looks like. We just had a small disagreement.”

“Two unweds had a fight at the start and reconciled with sex at the end.” Old Master Su sighed.

“Dad, don’t spout rubbish. I will never marry him.” Su Qianxun creased her forehead. Where had this conversation gone?

“You are all grown up now. If you don’t get registered for marriage now, it will only keep dragging,” Old Master Su said in disapproval and then he furrowed his brows. He looked at Lu Yanzhi and his brows were knitted so closely that it also formed a knot. “Both of you have already come this far and you are still not getting married?”

Su Qianxun was able to catch the gaze Old Master Su threw at them. She immediately looked towards Lu Yanzhi. “Explain to him now!”

“What do you want me to explain?” Lu Yanzhi’s face was very calm as he asked back.

“Explain that we haven’t done anything and that it was an accident just now.” Su Qianxun glared secretly at him.

“Okay.” Lu Yanzhi immediately turned towards Old Master Su with a helpless look. “She is right. We did nothing just now. I didn’t kiss her and she didn’t kiss me. We only accidentally fell down on the table together. Please don’t take this the wrong way!”

Old Master Su: “…”

Su Qianxun: “…”