His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1131 - Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (1)

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Chapter 1131: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (1)

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Lu Yanzhi sat down on the seat opposite to her before saying, “Next time, don’t overestimate yourself. Before you get drunk, take note of your limits.”

‘What has that got to do with you?’ Su Qianxun wanted to retaliate, but once she remembered that he had sent her home when she was drunk, she tolerated grudgingly.

Lu Yanzhi’s voice was calm and he scolded again. “Very dumb.”

Su Qianxun was rendered speechless once more. “…”

She could no longer tolerate it. All he did was help her when she was drunk. How come he had so much to say? Wasn’t he a quiet person in the past?

Su Qianxun could not help but blurt out. “I would like to ask Officer Lu, aren’t you busy?? Do you still have any matter by staying here?”

Lu Yanzhi partially closed his eyes and his pupils restricted for a moment.

He looked at her with indifference. He laughed again and said, “Why do you keep asking if I have any matter? What do you still want me to do? Is it because I have done nothing yet and this is your way of giving a hint?”

“You…” Su Qianxun turned gloomy. How could she not understand the meaning of his words! She clenched her fists and snarled, “I am hinting to you that you can scram!!”

She held the bowl of porridge and drank it in one go.

She stood up wanting to leave, but a pair of strong arms had reined her back.

Mildly using his strength to pull back, in the next second, Lu Yanzhi had pushed her to the middle of the table with him.

Su Qianxun became frantic, and her body instinctively leaned back. “Lu Yanzhi!!”

Lu Yanzhi’s arms held her body on both sides. His breath was at her face—warm and soft. It brought about a strong sense of hormones. “Stop calling. Aren’t I right in front of you?”

He raised his hand to pinch her chin and fervently kissed Su Qianxun’s lips.

Su Qianxun widened her eyes in shock. Without any warning, Lu Yanzhi had tightly sealed his lips on hers, leaving her with no breath to gasp in shock.

She furrowed her brows tightly and pushed against his chest.

However, her weak strength was not a problem for him. His body pressed against hers just like the pressure of the top of the mountain.

She tried to turn her head to hide away. However, he held the back of her head in place to prevent her from moving. He even hugged her and sat on the dining table, squeezing his body in between her two legs. Her two wrists were pressed together and raised over her head. She was pressed against tightly, and the large body above bent over to kiss her even more fervently.

Su Qianxun was so angry that she raised her legs to kick him. However, the man had easily avoided her kicks. After this, she could no longer move as she was tightly pressed back. It was very uncomfortable that she could only hook his legs.

The man was quite overbearing and did not give her any chance to retaliate.

Su Qianxun could not escape and gave up. She was thinking that since both of them have already slept together, well, if he wanted to kiss her then she would let him.

The man was quite shameless. The more she struggled, the fiercer he would get.

Indeed, when she became docile, he quickly ended the kiss.

Su Qianxun glared at him and scolded, “Bastard!”

Lu Yanzhi moved his head slightly to the side—his lips hovered at her ears. His hot breath puffed in her ears, and his deep and hoarse voice flowed through it. His voice was slightly cold when he said, “Can you be more obedient?!”

The fingers placed on her body were scalding hot that it almost burned her skin.

Su Qianxun’s face blushed red—shy and angry.

She took a deep breath and suppressed the anger rising up in her heart. With a low voice, she scolded, “Lu Yanzhi, are you nuts?”

Lu Yanzhi raised his brows and looked at her blushing red face and foggy eyes. She looked really charming and attractive.