His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1129 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (29)

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Chapter 1129: Loving and Doting You with My Life (29)

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With a dull voice, Lu Yanzhi said, “If it wasn’t for me, this bastard, who touched you, you would have burned until you had encephalitis and pneumonia.”

Did she know that the person taking care of her was him or did she subconsciously felt that the person beside her would definitely be him?

Nonsense! Su Qianxun who was sick wanted to get up and harshly punch Lu Yanzhi. However, her body was weak, and even if she managed to sit up, she figured that she would not be able to hit him.

She turned around, faced her back towards Lu Yanzhi and slept again.

When she woke up, night has fallen and the house was relatively quiet.

Su Qianxun furrowed her brows and raised her hand to massage her temples. Several incoherent scenes flashed through her brain and she suddenly remembered something. She quickly pried open the blanket and checked the clothes on her body.

Luckily, it was still the bathrobe from before.

Su Qianxun sighed, sat up, and realized her body had strength again together with a comfortable mind.

She raised her hand again to take off the antipyretic paste and touched her forehead. It was no longer hot and the fever had gone down.

She headed outside and saw the dark living room. Through the faint light that passed through the windows to the ground, there stood a tall silhouette.

Hearing the footsteps, he turned around to face her. His well-defined facial features looked tough and handsome in the dark. However, the fierce and murderous aura surrounding his body was hazy in the dark.

Su Qianxun turned on the lights and it had dispersed the darkness away. When she saw the man clearly, her face instinctively blackened. She said, “Why are you still at my house?”

Lu Yanzhi held a cold face, he was unmoving. He said, “You are awake?”

The two persons’ voices rang at the same time.

Su Qianxun wanted to know how her had fever gone down so fast. It must have been because of Lu Yanzhi taking care of her. At the thought of this, a trace of discomfort flashed through her heart.

She muttered, “Don’t expect me to thank you, a bastard who took advantage of people.”

Lu Yanzhi quietly looked at her. There was a subtle trace of mockery as he suddenly sneered, “Su Qianxun, did you think that I would be thinking of taking advantage of you for the whole day?”

Su Qianxun harrumphed coldly. “…”

Was it not? Last night, who was the one who took advantage of her while she was drunk?

Lu Yanzhi leaned his back against the wall beside him as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. He looked at her in a lazy yet elegant manner, after which he pulled a sarcastic remark. “I have no interest in a smelly and dirty woman who vomited all over me!”

He was cold, casual, and he possessed an act of a hooligan.

That look of disdain made Su Qianxun froze momentarily.

Did he mean that last night, nothing happened?

But that cannot be credited as something that would make him an innocent and good person. Su Qianxun hushed down for a few seconds but her face continued to blacken. She replied, “It does not pay to be wary. Who asked you to come to my house.”

Lu Yanzhi snarled, “Did you think that I was willing? Mo Feifei pleaded me to send you back home if not, I would not be bothered with you.”

Su Qianxun was rendered speechless. She remembered that at the wedding last night, she got drunk since she drank too much of the cocktails Mo Feifei mixed.

Hence, Mo Feifei had to get Lu Yanzhi to send her home. But out of all people, why did she find Lu Yanzhi?

She was so drunk that her mind was blurry. The alcohol had such a strong delayed effect.

Besides, she was not feeling well from the start, thus it immediately led her to have a fever.

He took care of her and yet when she woke up, she scolded him at an instant.