His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1128 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (28)

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Chapter 1128: Loving and Doting You with My Life (28)

When she looked at him at times, even a faint look can bore through one’s skeleton.

However, most of the time, she did not notice herself. She did not realize that when she was in the village; she was once gazed at by many.

In the past, she should have been a naïve, innocent girl. Only when she was trapped in the mountains, did she became sharp and sensitive.

During that moment, she had a mental breakdown.

She failed at her attempts to escape. She even tried to coax him, “You differ from the others. You are righteous so please let me leave.”

At that moment, it was a crucial part of the mission and he could not let her leave. All he could do was protect her.

If not, without her telling him, he would let her leave.

There was once where she caught the flu and had a fever. She looked at him dazedly and asked him for his origins. Her voice was soft and sweet as if she was murmuring while half asleep.

Before, she kept shouting that she was not feeling well and could not sleep peacefully on the bed. However, when he leaned over and whispered in her ear, to tell the truth, she calmed down and whispered that she was the same!

Then she slept peacefully.

When she woke up, she treated him differently. She figured that if she had no chance to escape, then she had to find herself a man. Becoming attached to a man would allow her to not be bullied by other men.

She was also afraid that he would give her to another man. Thus, she pretended to like him and even asked him, “Do you have someone that you like?”

“I do!” At that moment, he replied that he had someone that he liked. But in his heart, he added one more sentence— ‘she’s standing right before me.’

“Then why are you not together with her?”

“Because of your identity?”

“Actually, I think that you are not a bad person. You are different from the others.”

“I like you a lot. How about you like me back?”

Despite the unpredicted words, he calmly looked back at her and even found it funny. This girl was using a honey trap to rebel against him.

At that moment, he asked her, “In the past, didn’t you like your fiance? At such a young age, you were engaged to him. Tell me, why did you like him?”

She looked logy and clumsily said, “Because he has a handsome face, good figure and treats me well…”

As she talked further, her tone became weak. If he really treated her well, he would not abandon her in times of crisis or even made her the scapegoat to protect his life.

At that moment, he wanted to reply back that her fiance was just another pretty boy with a handsome face but his build was not good at all.

His body build was better. ‘You should not have liked your fiance, you should have liked me instead.’

He even thought that after this whole event had passed, he would be responsible for her and cherish her forever. However, nobody expected what happened next.

Lu Yanzhi held out his hand to feel Su Qianxun’s forehead.

Although it remained hot, it was better than before. Lu Yanzhi then used a cold towel to wipe her face and hand. He then changed her antipyretic paste to a new one.

Time passed and the fever slowly went down. Su Qianxun became conscious while the fever left her forehead red.

At this point, she should be puzzled and half-conscious. Her eyes teared up, lips half-open, and she looked enchanting like a charm.

When she saw him, she furrowed her brows and ambiguously said, “You… bastard… Don’t you dare touch me again…”