His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1127 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (27)

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Chapter 1127: Loving and Doting You with My Life (27)

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The morning rays of the sun penetrated the curtains by the window and fell onto the bed. Because of the strong light rays, Su Qianxun opened her eyes in a slight daze.

A familiar face appeared to her eyes—Lu Yanchen!

1Why was he in her house!

It shocked Su Qianxun. She then came into the realization and instinctively moved back. At that moment, she realized that she was wearing a bathrobe!

Moreover, Lu Yanzhi was also wearing a bathrobe, and the bathrobe was half untied. It had revealed his strong chest and abdominal muscles.

Su Qianxun was shocked and could not remember the events that happened yesterday. Then, she turned furious as she felt her body was sore and in pain, and more so she felt dizzy. It must be Lu Yanzhi, this bastard, who took advantage of her when she was unaware!

How dare he!

In her heart, Su Qianxun growled vigorously. With one foot, she harshly kicked Lu Yanzhi.

She then realized she had no strength, so when she kicked Lu Yanzhi, she was pushed back instead. She even almost fell down from the bed.

Lu Yanzhi just fell asleep but with his high vigilance, he knew Su Qianxun woke up. But never did he thought that Su Qianxun would immediately attack him.

He slowly opened his eyes and sat up on the bed. He glared at her from the top. “Su Qianxun!”

Once Su Qianxun saw that he still dared to be angry with her, she flew into a rage. She glared at Lu Yanzhi harshly and scolded, “You bastard!”

“Why are you losing your temper!” Lu Yanzhi’s face blackened.

He was tormented for the whole night last night, and just when he finally fell asleep, this woman started hitting him.

Su Qianxun pushed her body up arduously and stood at the side of the bed. Her body was weak and she had no strength in her hands and legs. Luckily, she still had a clear mind.

She held onto the bed top, pointed at Lu Yanzhi, and shouted, “I really did not know you were this kind of person. I have clearly already told you last time, but you still took advantage of me when I was drunk!”

Lu Yanzhi knew that she was mistaken but before he had the chance to explain himself, he heard Su Qianxun shouting at him. “Get out of my sight now, beast!”

Lu Yanzhi’s face turned livid. His gaze turned cold like ice and the atmospheric pressure was so low that the air was going to freeze. If she had not held onto him and did not let him go last night, he would have left!

She really thought he was willing to pay attention to her!

Lu Yanzhi had just turned around when a ‘pang’ sound resonated from his back.

He looked back and realized Su Qianxun had fainted on the bed.

‘This dumb woman,’ Lu Yanzhi murmured to himself and walked forward in large steps. He carried Su Qianxun to properly settle her down on the bed. A night had passed, yet her fever had not gone down.

He checked her temperature and saw that it was 38 degrees Celsius. He fed her medicine again and applied the antipyretic paste.

In the midst of Lu Yanzhi giving her medicine, Su Qianxun opened her eyes in a daze. She pitifully twitched her mouth, unknowingly crooked her nose, and her eyelashes moved like a fluttering cicada wing as though she was confirming who the person in front of her was.

When she closed her eyes, she seemed to mutter something.

He instinctively moved closer to her before his body turned stiff.


She called his name!


She scolded him again!

But she seemed to act coquettishly. He did not know if her sweet voice and her soft muttering made her look like she was acting coquettishly. Or maybe she was indeed acting coquettishly in front of him.

When he first knew Su Qianxun, she was only a girl of age 18 or 19. She had a beautiful face and a delicate body figure.

A rare find.

Innocent yet charming.

When she looked at him at times, even a faint look can bore through one’s skeleton.