His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1125 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (25)

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Chapter 1125: Loving and Doting You with My Life (25)

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The green vein on Lu Yanzhi’s forehead bulged out. He wanted to pull Su Qianxun away to clean up, however, Su Qianxun hugged him tightly and refused to let go.

Dirty vomit had both covered them.

Lu Yanzhi had the instinct to punch someone.

He forcefully pried open Su Qianxun’s hands. Although his face did not look well—there was a look of unwillingness—he still took off Su Qianxun’s clothes gently.

From the start to the end, Lu Yanzhi kept a calm and indifferent demeanor as though he was unconcerned.

Once he stuffed Su Qianxun into the blankets, he walked into the bathroom to bathe.

The flowing water was hot and flowed through the taut and robust muscles of his body. The sound of splashing water was just by his ears and Lu Yanzhi closed his eyes, his mind filled with the image of her beautiful body.

Her face was bright red, tender, and beautiful as though water could drip down it. Her developed breasts were not big, but were filled up and beautiful. It seemed that an adult man’s hand could grasp it.

Her small, soft, curvy waist was so thin that it could be held with a grip. Her skin was snowy white, too. That scene of her fair and tender waist with a flat stomach, which seemed to contain no fats, makes one to unconsciously want to touch it.

Because she had drunk the wine, her fair skin showed a light redness, making her look even more enchanting.

Despite him showering under the water, he still felt his body radiating heat.

Lu Yanzhi furrowed his brows and adjusted the water tap. The temperature of the water fell sharply, cold water turning icy cold.

Su Qianxun. The accident that happened six years ago was like a poison that hypnotized her. And it led to endless suffering because of a moment’s pleasure. But he would gladly endure the hardship.

After he used the cold water to bring his warm body temperature to normal, Lu Yanzhi closed the tap and put on a bathrobe before walking out of the bathroom.

In the bedroom, Su Qianxun sat on the bed and put on the bathrobe as well. She did not look well and dazedly looked towards him. Lu Yanzhi slightly squinted his eyes. “What do you want now?”

She was not feeling well and she still did not want to rest! Why does she want to torment herself!

“Washroom,” Su Qianxun unconsciously said.

Lu Yanzhi’s face looked as though women were so troublesome. “…”

“Don’t move around. I will help you there.” He was displeased yet he still walked forward and brought her to the washroom.

Su Qianxun’s footsteps were light. She was not being careful and so she almost fell. Lu Yanzhi immediately pulled her into his embrace.

The sudden movement exerted too much out of Su Qianxun, and she felt like puking again. Once Lu Yanzhi saw her covering her mouth, the side of his mouth quirked.

He just managed to clean her up, if she was going to puke again, he would really punch her.

Luckily, Su Qianxun did not eat much the night before and vomited everything out just earlier on. Now, she only felt nauseated and could vomit nothing out.

Dizzy, she said, “I feel sick…”

She tugged on her bathrobe. Seeing that she was about to pull down her loose bathrobe, Lu Yanzhi immediately stopped her and helped her to properly wear her clothes.

“It’s hot!” Su Qianxun wanted to pull again, but Lu Yanzhi had held her up. She immediately glared at him in accusation and pouted as though Lu Yanzhi was a bully bullying her.

Lu Yanzhi did not have to mention how pitiful she looked at the moment.

Lu Yanzhi furrowed his brows and impatience was imbued in his eyes. “…”

“Hot… Feel sick…” Su Yanchen continued to murmur. Her eyes were floundered and even looked cute.

Lu Yanzhi had his brows tightly knitted but upon seeing this scene, it startled him.

From the start, Lu Yanzhi kept his face void of expression, but now cracks had appeared on it. Even his Adam’s apple slightly moved up and down.

As he thought, he could do nothing to her as her gentleness was his biggest weakness.