His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1124 - : Loving and Doting You with My Life (24)

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Chapter 1124

: Loving and Doting You with My Life (24)

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“There is no name since I mixed it randomly. Wine can be like a brush. These wines are very pretty, right?”

“Yes, it’s really pretty. It’s just that we do not know if it is delicious or not.” Su Qianxun took a sip, raised her brows and complimented, “Not too sweet or bitter and with a rich aroma too.”

She drank the wine in the glass on her hand and moved on to taste the other flavors.

“Didn’t you shoot a rain scene for the whole day yesterday? You seem to be having the flu symptoms today, so don’t drink too much wine.”

“I’m fine. I don’t get sick easily.”

“But you don’t look well.”

“That is because I did not put makeup.”

No matter how Mo Feifei tried to persuade her, Su Qianxun continued to drink the wine. She drank all the cocktails that Mo Feifei mixed.

In the end, she immediately got drunk. Her white face was flushed red and her body turned wobbly. She then spread across the sofa beside her.

“What should I do? Qianxun, wait for me. I will go get some medicine.”

Mo Feifei told the waiter to look after Su Qianxun and walked out.

Since the wedding was almost over, most people had left. Mo Feifei could not find the medicine, and she had no more energy to send Su Qianxun back home.

At that moment, she saw a tall man.

Mo Feifei had a brilliant idea and called him out. “Brother Lu?”

She knew that her aunt and brother Lu knew each other. Xiao Bai was their son, hence, she was at ease to leave her aunt in Brother Lu’s care.

Lu Yanzhi stared at her indifferently. “Is there a matter?”

“My aunt, Qianxun, is drunk. Can you send her back home?” Mo Feifei smiled lightly and pointed in the bar’s direction.

Lu Yanzhi did not say much and walked towards the direction Mo Feifei pointed towards. He saw a drunk Su Qianxun and furrowed his brows.

When he saw her just now, wasn’t she still sober?! She became drunk in an instant. Just how much did she drink!

He gazed at the empty wine glasses on the bar table and understood immediately. The cocktail was delicious but had a strong delayed effect.

Su Qianxun opened her eyes to peek and saw the tall man in front of her. She felt an unknown feeling of oppression. She slapped her flushed red face and had a gloomy grudge in her eyes.

The man walked forward, held her hand, and pulled her up before carrying her up horizontally.

Su Qianxun was not totally drunk and she tried to push away the man with her hands. However, she did not have energy left, and with her wobbly hands and legs, she could only let the man carry her and leave.

Lu Yanzhi sent a drunk Su Qianxun back home. During the whole journey, Su Qianxun was quite calm. She did not make a ruckus when she was drunk and instead, quietly slept on the seat beside the driver.

When they reached Su Qianxun condominium, Lu Yanzhi carried her off from the car and entered the house before placing her on the bed.

When he was prepared to leave, Sia Qianxun’s hand reached out and held him back. Her red lips opened slightly, and with her hoarse voice she said, “Water.”

Lu Yanzhi went to pour a glass of warm water and sat on the side of the bed. He placed Su Qianxun into his embrace and fed her water.

Su Qianxun drank the water too fast and choked.

“Cough, cough!”

She coughed a few times and felt that her stomach was not well. She even felt nauseous and wanted to vomit.

Lu Yanzhi slightly furrowed his brows. He gently patted her back. He thought it was gentle but… after he gave one pat to Su Qianxun, she wanted to vomit. He immediately stood up to help her into the washroom. In the end, it was still too late…


In the next instant, Su Qianxun had vomited over his whole body.