His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1123 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (23)

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Chapter 1123: Loving and Doting You with My Life (23)

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It was lively at the wedding venue.

Shi Guang changed into the red cheongsam that was made for her. It was embedded with an elegant black side and the intricate flower patterns were sewn upon with sophistication. When worn, it was a shocking beauty.

She came forward and asked Lu Yanchen the price of the dress, but Lu Yanchen refused to say.

It was Su Qianxun who told her. It was not expensive, only a mere 100-thousand-dollars.

Su Qianxun wore no make-up that day and she dressed simply. She had no intention to snatch the limelight away from the bride. However, her pretty looks did not make her look ugly even without make-up. Instead, her prominent features made her look fresh.

Shi Guang and Lu Yanzhi wanted to propose a toast, and thus Su Qianxun proceeded to find Mo Feifei.

Su Qianxun lifted her dress up and proceeded to the second level. After going one round, she still did not found Mo Feifei. Where could she be? Where did she go?

As she was about to leave, she was caught off guard that she almost ran into a person who was swiftly walking out from the adjacent room.

She raised her eyes and saw a tall man. The bright lights on the ceiling shone upon his head, forming a long and thin shadow. He wore a black suit and had a handsome and cold face.

After a moment of daze, Su Qianxun came back to her senses and snapped, “May I ask how do you walk? Do you have eyes? Didn’t you see that there is a person beside you?”

Lu Yanzhi smirked and smiled cynically at her. “When I opened the door, I was facing forward. You were walking from the sideway and hence you should be the one looking out. Thus, shouldn’t I be the one to ask you if you have eyes? How to walk or see if there’s a person in front of you?

Su Qianxun almost laughed in a fit of anger.

“Do you know who among us is the senior here? Do you know what you should call me?” Today was supposedly Shi Guang’s wedding, but the atmosphere was broken now.

Lu Yanzhi’s eyes were dark and deep. His gaze remained calm. He looked at her unwaveringly, even bringing out a sense of mockery.

Su Qianxun clearly explained, “Is this the attitude you should have? Shi Guang is your sister, you are Shi Guang’s big brother and I am Qian Xun’s aunt. According to seniority, you should call me an aunt now. I am your senior. Do you have manners?”

Lu Yanzhi, in his chilly voice, said, “I haven’t seen you act in ‘The Return of the Condor Heroes.’ How did you become so obsessed with it?”

Su Qianxun opened her mouth and wanted to retaliate. At this moment, a clear voice rung.


Xiao Bai ran towards her and hugged her. She did not have to mention how happy he was. Su Qianxun became speechless.

“Mummy, why didn’t you come to see me these days.” Xiao Bai hugged her and acted cutely.

“I am busy lately. When I am free, I will come and visit you.” Su Qianxun smiled. She did not wish for the relationship to turn sour in front of her son.

“Mummy, aunty and uncle are going for a honeymoon. Are you and daddy going on one too?” Xiao Bai asked naively.

“…” Who wanted to go on a honeymoon with Lu Yanzhi?

She wanted to explain, but before she could speak, Lu Yanzhi held Xiao Bai’s hand. “Your grandma is looking for you. Follow me there.”

Xiao Bai was obedient today and immediately waved at Su Qianxun. “Mummy, I am going to find grandma first. I will find you later~”

Su Qianxun smiled and nodded her head. She waved back and continued her search for Mo Feifei.

She found Mo Feifei at the bar lounge. Mo Feifei did not like places with people and was mixing cocktails alone at the bar. The bar table now had wine of different colors. The way it looked, it was extremely beautiful.

“It looks really nice. What are the names of these wines?” Su Qianxun asked as she sat opposite to her and held up a glass.