His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1121 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (21)

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Chapter 1121: Loving and Doting You with My Life (21)

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After the long and heated kiss, Mu Chubei still did not let her go. Feeling his hot breath, Wang Caichun’s cheeks flushed red. Since she couldn’t struggle out of his grip, she growled, “This is cheating. Fangfei, help me out.”

How could Li Fangfei be of any help?

When Mu Chubei came forward, she was so scared that she instinctively backed off.

After that, everyone came forward. She went to the side while shouting, “Where’re your red packets? Where are your red packets?”

“Here it is!”

In the end, the groomsmen stuffed her with lots of red packets and aggressively charged their way into the room.

Wang Caichun blew a fuse and glared at Mu Chubei’s nonchalant expression before gritting her teeth. She then stomped behind Mu Chubei, not forgetting to kick him a few times on the leg.

Mu Chubei turned around and gave her a look. “Are you trying to murder your husband?!”

Wang Caichun coldly snorted and flipped her hair before haughtily leaving.

Lu Yanchen walked towards Shi Guang and stopped before her. He then got down on one knee and held his bouquet of flowers in front of Shi Guang.

The moment Shi Guang took the flowers over, Lu Yanchen swooped her up into his arms.

On the streets that day, there was a whole row of military wedding cars lined up over a hundred feet.

A look at the wedding scene and one would know that a lot of efforts have gone into decorating it. From the ground to the ceiling, they decorated it with a variety of flowers with contrasting crystal ornaments. As the decorations overlapped each other, it brightened up the room with its shiny exterior, creating a starry night sky scenery.

There was a huge lawn outside the hotel and even a mini fountain in the hall. The flowers beautified the surroundings, making one feel as though they have entered a wonderland.

There were nine layers to the wedding cake and was even taller than a full-grown adult. The cake was decorated with many pink flower decorations, thus looking very dreamlike.

Famous guests from all walks of life filled the wedding ceremony. It has gathered all the handsome men and pretty ladies in that very area.

This was one highlight of the wedding besides the bridesmaid and groomsmen Mu Chubei and Wang Caichun brought along.

The flower boys and girls led by Xiaobai also made the guests squeal out of adoration.

Batches of reporters and representatives from various media agencies crowded outside the lavish hotel, hoping to get a glimpse of the wedding for their report. Since the media representatives were not invited to the wedding, they attended but refused to do any media coverage.

As Shi Guang’s father was no longer around, Old Master Su brought her in and handed her over to Lu Yanchen.

With the wedding song playing in the background, Old Master Su walked with Shi Guang on the red carpet. The bride wasn’t very nervous. Instead, it was Old Master Su who got nervous.

Although he felt a little reluctant to pass her over, when he passed Shi Guang’s hand over to Lu Yanchen, he still had a happy expression and wished them happiness.

Lu Yanchen thanked Old Master Su with a ninety-degree bow and took over Shi Guang’s hand while the smile on his face widened.

Despite the bridal veil, she looked at the handsome Lu Yanchen and his sculptured features with determination. Warmth filled her heart as she thought about him being her husband, and as well as him being the man she would live together for the rest of her life.

Old Master Su looked at the couple who was deeply in love as their eyes only have each other. He then sat back on his seat and secretly wiped off a tear of happiness from his face.

The emcee said his speech and had them exchange their rings. After that, someone immediately cheered, “Kiss the bride!”

Everyone then cheered as well. “Kiss her, kiss her…”

Shi Guang felt embarrassed and looked at Lu Yanchen with flushed cheeks.

Lu Yanchen came closer and kissed her lips with gentleness… and this caused a roar from the audience.