His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1119 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (19)

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Chapter 1119: Loving and Doting You with My Life (19)

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“It’s not considered. We didn’t see each other in person but through a video call, so it is not considered as seeing each other.” Shi Guang laughed and she looked very blissful at the moment.

Mo Feifei said no more. She felt really happy for her sister that Lu Yanchen was so good to her.

Not to mention the others. Just solely looking at the wedding, she felt that it was a whole different class.

Most couples would be very exhausted during the wedding preparation period, however, Shi Guang did not have to do a stroke of work. Other than the necessary events such as appearing at the wedding, she didn’t have to worry about the others and they held a lavish wedding for her. This was almost a dream come true for every girl.

If she were to marry into the Lu family, she should not have any grievance.

“Sis, do you want to drink something to celebrate?”

Li Fangfei and friends prepared a suite for her to celebrate the ending of her single life. However, she had to wake up too early the next morning so they canceled the event.

Shi Guang couldn’t hold her liquor well and would be down in one drink.

Hence, they used soda beverages to replace alcohol to celebrate.

Hearing the clinking sound of glasses, Mo Feifei said, “My little Shi Guang must be happy.”

Shi Guang chuckled. “Hmm.”

After taking a sip, Shi Guang and Mo Feifei clinked their glasses again. “My older sister, too, must be happy.”

She heard from Lu Yanchen that after receiving the news of Rong Mo falling into the sea, Shang Mo has never given up on finding her and even called for someone to search for Rong Mo.

If Rong Mo was only a passer-by in Shang Mo’s life, Shang Mo wouldn’t have gone so far to find Rong Mo at the sea.

Mo Feifei stayed with the Shang Family for a long period. Although she was dressed as a man, there were rumors of Shang Mo being bisexual, and hence, she thought there might be a probability of a brewing romantic attraction between Shang Mo and her older sister under the pretense of a male.

“I am very blessed right now,” said Mo Feifei with a peal of faint laughter.

“Older sister, don’t you plan to go back to the Shang Family?” If Shang Mo really wasn’t the person the rumors said to be, and that he genuinely liked her older sister, then Shi Guang would wish for her sister to return to the Shang Family.

However, her older sister was a very opinionated person and have her own choices and mindsets.

Mo Feifei put down the beverage. With her head down, she said, “If the Shang Family don’t need my help, I would not go back.”

“That Mr. Shang, is he really bisexual as how the rumors portray him to be?” asked Shi Guang out of curiosity.

Mo Feifei shook her head. “I don’t know.”

She was really unsure about that, however, judging from how he kissed her regardless of her sex, the rumors should be true.

“No matter what, Mr. Mo is a high-flier and quite the catch. You have hung out with him for such a long period, so what do you think of him?” He was just a little worse off than her Lu Yanchen—just a little—but this was already very rare.

“You will get married. You are not to harbor any desire for another man.” Mo Feifei looked rather shy but she still said her words with a stone-cold face. She knew that her sister was setting her up.

“Older sister, what are you thinking? How could I possibly like Shang Mo? The best man in the world is already in my hands.” Shi Guang insisted, “I have told you before that I only love Lu Yanchen yet you just said I wanted to seduce another man. Sis, if you were to think this way, I am going to be angry.”

“I was just saying it casually, just like how you casually shipped me and Shang Mo together!”