His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1118 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (18)

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Chapter 1118: Loving and Doting You with My Life (18)

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Mo Feifei couldn’t help but pinch her squishy cheeks and chuckled. “You look beautiful today. My younger sister is the prettiest bride in the world.”

Shi Guang shyly hugged Mo Feifei’s hand. “When you get married, you will definitely be prettier than me.”

“What about me?” asked Mo Jin out of jealousy.

“You are prettier,” said Shi Guang and Mo Feifei simultaneously.

Upon hearing that, Grandma, Little Auntie, Old Master Su, and second uncle burst into laughter together.

“Alright, stop praising each other. Everyone, rest early tonight, we still have to wake up before dawn tomorrow.” Su Qianxun looked at them in disgust.

“Yes, Little auntie.”

The three sisters then retired back to their rooms.

Mo Feifei and Mo Jin helped the fashion stylist to take off the bridal gown from Shi Guang’s body.

After the bridal gown was hung on the rack, Mo Jin went to see the fashion stylist off.

Shi Guang sent a picture of her wearing the bridal gown to Lu Yanchen to ask for his opinion. In a split second, Lu Yanchen video called her.

“Why did you take it off?” asked Lu Yanchen after seeing that Shi Guang was wearing her daily clothes through the video call.

Shi Guang chuckled. “I sent you the picture after I took off the dress. You should be contented that I am showing you the pictures.”

“Otherwise, I’ll just show this to you,” said Shi Guang as she showed the phone camera towards the bridal gown and formal dress.

The Lu family specially made two sets of bridal dress for her; the white bridal dress would be worn during the wedding, while the red Qipao would be worn during the toast. Originally, they even prepared a red evening dress for her to wear while attending to the guests, however, Shi Guang omitted it.

“Have you tried the Qipao?” asked Lu Yanchen through the video call.


“Try the Qipao on.” Although there’s nothing much to her body, changing into the Qipao should be able to make her seem more enchanting.

“Right now?”


“Can I not wear it? It’s very troublesome to put on the dress.”


“It feels like I am crossing the Rubicon and unable to get down.” Shi Guang squealed in laughter.

Lu Yanchen replied with an overbearing ‘Hmm’ making Shi Guang feel an inexplicable warmth in her heart.

“Don’t be so sure of yourself. What if we don’t end up together? You might meet a better girl and file a divorce.”

Lu Yanchen slightly raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “You can never escape from me in this life or the next. Quickly change into the Qipao for me… change into it in front of me.”

His voice was deep and attractive. Although his voice was rather faint, it still sounded very sexy and charming.

It would have been fine if there were only the two of them in the room. However, with her older sister still in the room, that presented a problem.

Shi Guang’s face was immediately flushed pink. With awkwardness seeping in, she coughed out loud. “About that, my older sister is still in the room helping me pack my stuff.”

Lu Yanchen: “…”

Shi Guang sheepishly laughed while looking at her sister blushing in shame, feeling rather helpless and speechless at the current situation. She then told Lu Yanchen over the phone. “I will put the phone down now since I have to wake up at 4 am tomorrow. If I don’t have a good sleep, you will have a bride with eyebags.”

“In that case, I will really marry a weirdo,” teased Lu Yanchen.

“Go to hell! I am hanging up.” Shi Guang hung up right after.

Looking at Shi Guang putting her phone on the nightstand, Mo Feifei said in an indifferent tone, “We told you to move back home because you are not supposed to see your groom one day before the wedding. Isn’t video calling considered as meeting up?”

“It’s not considered. We didn’t see each other in person but through a video call, so it is not considered as seeing each other.”