His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1117 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (17)

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Chapter 1117: Loving and Doting You with My Life (17)

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Mo Feifei, who was hiding in an alley, walked out after they had left. She had been accompanying her Grandma and Little Auntie at the county town for the past half a month.

As it was going to be Shi Guang’s wedding in two days, she stayed with her Grandma and Little Auntie for the time being.

She also came over because of work since she was no longer Rong Mo and thus no longer an artist. Therefore, she had to find a job to survive in the future.

It was said that people in a vegetative state are usually unconscious, hence were likened to a block of wood with no feelings, consciousness, or cogitation. They live with no meaning in their lives.

However, this was not the case.

They just cannot move but they can hear, see, and think.

During the time when Mo Feifei was unconscious, many galaxies, space, and starry skies appeared in her mind. Stars hung from the sky while flickering their bright light. They were flickering and flickering.

At some moments, they were like droplets of water splashed from a river, dancing around the galaxy.

Sometimes, she would feel that her body was like a floating elf, swimming and floating in the galaxy. She would dance in the starry night sky and surround herself with the warmth of the stars.

She had been drawing the scenes she saw in her head for the past half a month.

She had coincidentally came across an art design competition held by the School of Design online, and she registered for it. Afterward, she received a call from them to bring her original work to the School of Design.

But, who would have thought that she would meet Shang Mo there?

At that moment, she was walking ahead and passed by two girls.

One of the girls said in excitement, “Wow, look over there. The man wearing glasses is so handsome!”

She subconsciously turned around and saw Shang Mo, who seemed to be looking around in a frantic manner. Her heartbeat suddenly stopped and she instinctively went to hide.

Wearing a noble suit, he looked exactly like their first encounter—handsome and charming. He had an imposing demeanor that made it hard for people to look at him straight in the eye, not forgetting to mention his stone-cold eyes.

However, he was different from that night. He was wearing glasses and his eyes gave off an evil feeling as if one could see the shadow under the demon’s wings.

Was he chasing after her? But she didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Mo Feifei chose a road that was opposite of Shang Mo and walked away with big strides. The distance between them widened and just like that, Rong Mo would disappear from this world forever.

After a few years, he would find a girl, just like how Granny imagined. By then he would be happily married with a kid and live a blissful life.

Three days later, it was Shi Guang’s wedding.

As the date of her wedding neared, Shi Guang started to busy herself.

A day before the wedding, Grandma said that it would be better if the bride and groom to stay away from each other. Besides, there was a marriage process to be done and hence she hoped that Shi Guang could spend the day before the wedding with the Su Family.

The Su Family was very big and Grandma, Little Auntie, and her cousins all came over for a stay.

They had moved the day before. Although it seemed like there weren’t too many things, they had a hard time moving in the bits and pieces of furniture.

The wedding dress was also sent to the Su Family a day earlier.

Shi Guang amazed everyone when she walked out wearing her customized wedding dress.

A white and holy wedding dress with Qipao colors added to the design. Every stitch and string was tailored for Shi Guang with three-dimensional tailoring. The dress had folds at the bottom and was decorated in the form of embroidered satin, and it showed off her beautiful waist. If one lifted up a layer of her skirt, one can see beautiful diamonds decorated on it. The dress exudes her beauty under the soft lights, making her look noble and dreamy.

Shi Guang lifted her dress and curtsied, just like a lady. “How do I look?”