His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1114 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (14)

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Chapter 1114: Loving and Doting You with My Life (14)

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He always thought that he would love and dote on her with his life, and no matter what happened he would protect her, and yet… Looking at the boundless sea, Shang Mo couldn’t believe that Rong Mo had already drowned in that very sea.

He thought that just because he couldn’t find her doesn’t mean she was already dead.

Perhaps, Rong Mo was still alive?

However, from the police records, they indeed weren’t able to save Rong Mo up the shore. The media agencies have already reported the news, and her fans on Weibo were all praying that she would be fine.

What was he going to do if she had left just like that?

He finally managed to like someone even to the point of imagining holding hands with her to see the world. Together, they would smile and witness the blossoming and withering of flowers as well as the scudding and clearing of clouds.

How could he lose her just like that?

Shang Mo only felt a knot in his chest and took in a deep breath. “Did you send people to look?”

Big Mountain nodded his head. “Yes, but… nothing’s found.”

Sometimes, no news means good news.

Perhaps, someone had saved her and after a few more days, she would appear in front of him alive and kicking.

“How about the others who fell into the sea with her?” asked Shang Mo.

“One is fine, but the other has hemiplegia. It was mostly because the latter was underwater for too long and was saved a tad bit late, thus leading to hemiplegia. The girl who got out fine, she is a swimming champion and Mr. Rong’s friend, Shi Guang. It was said that someone tried to save Mr. Rong, however, someone had pulled him down into the sea. It was the same person who had knocked into the car Mr. Rong was in. It had caused… the car to fall into the sea,” replied Big Mountain.

Why was everyone fine except Rong Mo…? When Shang Mo heard it, he felt as if several needles had stabbed his heart. “Why was she there in the first place?”

The case on Su Ya kidnapping Shi Guang and killing Shi Guang’s parents were already closed.

Hence, Big Mountain gave a short explanation. “The girl who fell into the sea and has hemiplegia is called Su Ya. Many years ago, she had caused a car accident that ultimately killed Shi Guang’s parents. She was afraid that Shi Guang would investigate the case to expose her misdeeds, hence she kidnapped Shi Guang. At that time, Mr. Rong accidentally met the kidnapped Shi Guang and went to help…”

Shang Mo gritted his teeth.

She was so weak and yet she still wanted to save people. Didn’t she know how to call the cops?

“He was still at home that night and was even with me. Why did he suddenly go and find Shi Guang? Could it be because of last night I…” Shang Mo mumbled to himself and his heart suddenly felt excruciating pain.

If she was really at home, why would she go to Beihai Avenue all of a sudden?

It must be because he drank too much yesterday and didn’t care whether she was willing or not and that he took her by force… She even begged for mercy a few times in the process, but she felt so good and so, he didn’t care about what she felt. He was too strong.

He was so presumptuous because he thought it was a dream.

She definitely was angry at him, and hence she left to find Shi Guang.

Thinking about this, pain and agony—that he had never felt before—struck him, and it was coupled with endless regrets and self-loathing.

How could he do such a thing?

Could he push the blame on the alcohol? However, if he didn’t think of it, how could he do such a thing even in his drunken state?

It was all because of him.

If it wasn’t because he took her forcefully, she wouldn’t have left out of anger and wouldn’t have gone to find Shi Guang. She wouldn’t then be kidnapped and wouldn’t be met with a car accident.

So… he had indirectly caused Rong Mo’s death!

Big Mountain looked at Shang Mo’s current state and his disposition had startled him little.

He knew that Mr. Shang and Rong Mo got along well together and their relationship could even be considered as a little ambiguous…