His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1112 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (12)

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Chapter 1112: Loving and Doting You with My Life (12)

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In a split of a second, the atmosphere in the room heated up.

A lingering passion filled the room, and it was coupled with both of their heavy breathing.

Shi Guang was filled with sweat and was so exhausted that she didn’t even want to open her eyes. Her hand still wrapped around Lu Yanchen’s body who continued to hover above her.

While laying on her bed, Shi Guang was reminded of an incident.

She turned her head and then lay her head on Lu Yanchen’s chest. “I talked to Su Ya today and she told me that there was an incident that I would never have thought about. She even laughed triumphantly. What incident do you think we have not thought about?”

Lu Yanchen immediately denied. “I don’t know.”

“Take a guess.”

“I can’t guess it.”

“Lu Yanchen.”

“It seems that you still have energy then let’s have another round.”

As Shang Mo drank too much alcohol, when he woke up, it was already evening. Faced with a splitting headache, he massaged his temples as his deep eyes stared at the empty mugs.

He massaged his temples as he recalled what had happened yesterday. He drank a lot of alcohol, and got so drunk that he couldn’t even differentiate between the north and the west. When he came home, he thought he saw Rong Mo.

A full bust, slim waist, red lips… delicate hands.

Entangled, enchanted, pleasure… It felt so real.

Shang Mo furrowed his eyebrows as his heartbeat quicken in worry.

Although his memory was unclear due to him being drunk, he could still recall some important details. For example, Rong Mo was a woman. He remembered himself groaning because of her softness. He remembered her screaming a moan out too as he embraced her in his arms. He remembered her coaxing her softly, and yet, everything was gone now.

Simply thinking about it aroused him again.

However, everything also felt like a ridiculous dream and even felt unreal. Everything was in bits and pieces.

‘Was it even real?’

Indeed, a person’s willpower in the morning could be very weak after getting drunk.

Shang Mo laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling for a while before he pushed the blanket away and got off the bed.

He took a look at the messy state of his house and he could no longer stay calm. The hangover soup, the red wine, the red stain on his bed. No matter how he looked at it, it looked as if something big happened.

He remembered the dream again. It felt out of control and his heart softened. That ridiculous dream suddenly disappeared and was instead, acted out just like in reality.

He did not believe that it was a dream.

Shang Mo immediately ran out and rushed into Rong Mo’s room.

However, it was empty.

He thought that she was downstairs and yet he could only see the cleaner. The maid saw that he had come downstairs and immediately asked if he wanted dinner.

Shang Mo nodded and asked, “Where’s Mr. Rong?”

The auntie froze. “Mr. Rong came back?” It was her rest day yesterday so she wasn’t in the villa.

Shang Mo grew uncertain again, he doubted whether the incident last night was real. ‘If Rong Mo really did not return back to the villa, or did actually came back but left earlier on, how could he appear on my bed yesterday night?’

He did not speak anymore, merely waving his hand and letting the auntie make his meal.

Auntie may not know of it but Big Mountain should know. When he came back yesterday, Big Mountain seemed to have spoken to her.

Dinner was served quickly.

By the time Shang Mo finished showering and went downstairs, dinner was already ready.

He sat down and looked at the seat opposite him. It was supposed to be Rong Mo’s seat. He looked very thin, however, his appetite was really good. Just looking at him eat made him hungry…