His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1111 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (11)

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Chapter 1111: Loving and Doting You with My Life (11)

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“I don’t like wearing it. Since I am always practicing, I am afraid that I would lose it so I never wear my ring on a daily basis,” Shi Guang said. She then suddenly remembered something important in the midst of her sentence.

“Sister, you don’t have to worry about my wedding. I will bring you to see my grandma and little auntie tomorrow. I told them a lie before that you were having treatment overseas. They actually missed you so much.”


Mo Feifei couldn’t wait to see her grandma and little auntie. She had to thank them for taking care of both her and her sister after all these years. They are like the light to their life, brightening up their lives even in their darkest moments.

She could not express her gratitude that even a million words would not suffice. She would always remember their kindness in her heart. In the coming future, she would be filial to them and love them as if they were her own parents.

Since Shi Guang was feeling better, she could be discharged on the day itself.

In the few days that Mo Feifei was living with the Su Family, she has already reconciled with Qianxun and Old Master Su. Qianxun even helped match Mo Feifei’s outfit. Old Master Su originally also wanted to thank Granny Shang, however, he respected Mo Feifei’s decision.

Shi Guang could not bear to leave Mo Feifei and hence the moment she got discharged, she dragged Mo Feifei back home with her and settled her down in the guest room.

A European style table lamp lit up the bedroom. When Shi Guang came out from the shower, she dried her hair and sat at the bedside while picking up her phone. However, before she could unlock her phone, Lu Yanchen pushed her down onto the bed.

Shi Guang tried to push him away, however, Lu Yanchen already had her hand and phone pinned down. With Lu Yanchen hovering above her, he said, “Don’t move.”

Yet, Shi Guang couldn’t help but kick his leg. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think am I trying to do?” asked Lu Yanchen as he kissed her lips. He managed to insert his tongue in to tease her own.

In response to the man’s aggression, Shi Guang yielded to him at first. There was a numb feeling build up in her body.

Shi Guang felt her body grew weak, just like a block of ice melting.

She knew Lu Yanchen’s intent, however, her older sister was still in the house and she didn’t want him to cause any trouble. Yet, she was still immersed in Lu Yanchen’s kiss and the man had already untied her robe.

“Stop it…” Shi Guang reached out and pinched Lu Yanchen’s waist. However, it was very stiff, and her pinches were basically useless against him. She chuckled. “I am going to accompany my sister for a while.”

Lu Yanchen’s face immediately fell and he bit her lips harshly. “What is there to accompany? She is alright now, she doesn’t need company.” ‘You should accompany me instead if you have time.’

“We have not seen each other in a long time, we have some heart-to-heart conversations to share.”

“What kind of heart-to-heart conversations? Your heart belongs to me,” smugly said Lu Yanchen before reaching out to her in an overbearing manner. He then shut her mouth with a kiss and even bit her lips as a punishment when they parted.

Shi Guang felt pain and furrowed her eyebrows while looking at him. “My older sister is important to me. She is not just anybody.”

Lu Yanchen scoffed proudly. “That’s right, is she the only important one here?” ‘Am I not important?’

Shi Guang was caught between her laughter and tears. He was indeed a proud, jealous prince who was even jealous of her older sister. However, it was still sweet of him.

She hugged his waist and placed her head over his shoulder before coaxing him with sweet words. “You are more important~”

With that said, a sweet smile appeared on Lu Yanchen’s face. His eyes flashed a hint of mischief and he turned his head to kiss her again… The kiss was bittersweet yet gentle, a wave of dizziness hit her as the kiss made them feel as though they are on the clouds.