His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1109 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (9)

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Chapter 1109: Loving and Doting You with My Life (9)

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With a face full of sorrow, Yang Chifeng said in a tone full of guilt, “Sorry, regarding that incident that year, it was all because of Sitong’s foolishness. She repented for what she did and wants to make up for it. Please give her one more chance…”

Shi Guang’s cold scoff cut off his words and she asked, “Don’t you know that you can’t simply make up for some things?”

Yang Chifeng froze and did not continue on. He then left with Mrs.Yang.

Shi Guang and Mo Feifei reached the door, however, the police mentioned that only one person at a time could enter. Hence, Shi Guang went in alone while Mo Feifei waited for her outside.

When Su Ya—the girl who just experienced a beating—saw Shi Guang appearing at her ward, she immediately took in a deep breath while her face was full of disbelief.

Shi Guang fell into the sea with her and they even fought in the sea for so long. She should have been unconscious or even worse, half-paralyzed like her after the emergency rescue.

However, why did she have side paralysis and yet Shi Guang was safe and sound?

“Witch…” Su Ya glared at Shi Guang with her eyes full of fury!

The tantrum Mrs. Yang threw on her was all because of Shi Guang.

Su Ya looked as if Shi Guang was the reason for her pain and this led to Shi Guang becoming speechless. She sat on the chair beside the bed. “From the looks of it, you seem like you want to kill me.”

“All-because-of-you.” Su Ya felt hatred, especially that instant. She really wanted to rush forward and beat the daylights out of Shi Guang.

Shi Guang coldly scoffed, “What do you mean by ‘it was all because of me’? You did so many bad deeds. You really didn’t think that God will let you off, did you? Dying is a relief for me. However, you look so hideous that even King Yama doesn’t want you so he returned you back to earth. He even gave you a punishment.”


“What about me? I came here today to tell you that your parents are at the police station, and that would mean that no one will be able to come and see you. There wouldn’t be anyone to rescue you as well…” As Shi Guang talked, she suddenly came to a realization. “Wait a minute. You still have a brother. Your brother would come and save you, wouldn’t he?”

Su Ya gritted her teeth.

Of course, her brother would definitely rescue her. Even if he can’t rescue her, he will definitely take revenge for her and not let this witch off.

Shi Guang smiled nonchalantly. “However, according to what I know, your brother has already escaped out of the country. So why would he come back? You couldn’t possibly think that he will come back to avenge you, right?”

Escape overseas?

Su Ya’s hideous face had a mixture of expressions. She was in disbelief, in confusion, and in denial!

Shi Guang saw that Su Ya was getting worried and so, she raised her eyebrows. “I believe you know that he got into some trouble recently. After all, it was part of his escape plan to let you kidnap me.”

“…” Su Ya remained silent while glaring at Shi Guang with hatred imbued in her eyes. The only thing she thought of was Shi Guang was trying to put a strain in between her relationship with her brother.

“In the past, your brother was very outstanding in his doings and did so many illegal deeds. Recently, he was investigated upon and the evidence landed on Lu Yanchen’s hands. He wanted the evidence, yet he also knew that if something were to happen to me, Lu Yanchen would definitely exchange the evidence for me. However, he couldn’t do it himself and hence he thought of you. If you kidnap me, he would not be considered an accomplice as he could pretend that he did know anything. But of course, he wouldn’t tell you that the real motive of letting you kidnap me would be to get the evidence in Lu Yanchen’s hands!”