His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1106 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (6)

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Chapter 1106: Loving and Doting You with My Life (6)

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If Granny Shang were to find out that she had slept with Shang Mo, she would definitely ask her to marry Shang Mo.

However, she had made up her mind yesterday that she was going to completely disappear from Shang Mo’s life.

After she had experienced Shi Guang’s kidnapping case and how her car had been involved in the incident, when Shi Guang was saved, it paved the way for her to come up with an idea on how to explain her cause of death.

Hence, she asked Lu Yanchen for a favor to disclose to the public that Rong Mo was also in the car that fell into the sea. However, it was unfortunate that she was not saved in time.

With that being said, ‘Rong Mo’ would officially be dead and they could not find his remains.

It left Shi Guang stunned. “Would this be appropriate?”

Lu Yanchen said, “All the media agencies have announced that ‘Rong Mo’ drowned to death.”

Since Lu Yanchen was personally involved in this, the news of ‘Rong Mo’s’ fake death would most likely be a seamless plot.

Shi Guang pushed Lu Yanchen’s hand away and walked over to hold Mo Feifei’s hands. “Is that why you have to wear female clothes and a wig, such that there is not a single resemblance between Rong Mo and yourself?”

“Yes.” Mo Feifei nodded.

“Sister, it has been hard on you.” Shi Guang gave her a warm hug.

“These hardships are nothing compared to yours. You were the one looking after me all these years…” Mo Feifei returned the hug while gently patting her back.

Lu Yanchen—who was watching the scene from the side—was green with envy. He had never seen that idiot, Shi Guang, feel this sorry for him before.

“Stop talking about your past hardships, those are all over.” Mu Chubei sheepishly smiled. “Older Sister of Shi Guang, you are still an artist under my company, are you not planning to come back?”

Who would have thought that Rong Mo would be so popular, and now he had lost a cash cow?

His heart hurts once he thought about his red notes of the renminbi.

Mo Feifei looked at Mu Chubei and apologized, “If your company were to suffer any losses because of this, I can only say my apologies to you.”

Shi Guang glared at Mu Chubei with a hint of warning in her eyes.

This playboy better not harbor any designs for her older sister, she then spoke clearly, “Sis, you don’t have to apologize to Mu Chubei. I am very close to his wife, Wang Caichun, so he wouldn’t take it to heart. Besides, this little bit of money is probably just a drop in the bucket, a single hair out of nine ox hides to him. He kept so many women, as long as he buy fewer bags and diamonds for them, everything would be settled.”

Mu Chubei was livid and he scowled in his heart. “…”

‘Excuse me, since when did I keep so many little girlfriends, Little Sister Shi Guang is defaming me.’

He wanted to explain more, however, Shi Guang had dragged Mo Feifei away and to the sofa to gossip.

Mu Chubei gave a look of pity to Lu Yanchen. “Old Lu.”

Lu Yanchen returned a look of helplessness.

Dissatisfied, Mu Chubei said, “Your girlfriend is getting out of hand, she dared to defame me.”

The corners of Lu Yanchen’s mouth curved upward as he teased, “It is your pleasure to get dissed by her.”

Mu Chubei’s face darkened. Besides being lovey-dovey together and displaying affection to each other, the couple always teamed up to bully him.

He berated, “Be careful that she might climb over your head one day if you pamper her too much.”

Lu Yanchen glanced over at him before staring at Shi Guang.

After a while, he walked over with big steps and heard Shi Guang talking to Mo Feifei with a look of surprise. “How can that be!!…”