His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1103 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (3)

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Chapter 1103: Loving and Doting You with My Life (3)

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“The recording Sister Shi Guang mentioned earlier has been found. It’s not broken, however, the content in it could only prove that it was Su Yua who orchestrated the car accident, and it does not include Su Wencheng. Furthermore, the evidence we collected against Su Wencheng was already given to him during the transaction. It seems that we cannot prove him guilty, and he looks like… he is ready to give up everything to move overseas.”

Lu Yanchen’s face turned cold. “Escape? Can he even escape?! The illegal crimes he did is not limited to those we know. It is only a matter of time that he would be caught, if…”

Amidst his confusion, Mu Chubei asked, “Old Lu, what do you mean?”

Lu Yanchen squinted his dangerously cold eyes. Su Yanchen had clearly plotted the entire incident. He thought that by making Su Ya the scapegoat, everything would be settled.

Hmph. How could that be?

He slightly turned his head and whispered something to Mu Chubei’s ears.

Mu Chubei raised his eyebrows before laughing out loud. “Old Lu, only you could think of such a plan.”

Su Yanchen was forbidden to leave the country.

He must have not known. His face darkened when he knew of it, however, he remained calm and expressionless on the surface.

As Su Wencheng’s accomplice, Chang Xiaoyang got to know about Su Ya’s situation and reported it to Su Wencheng. “Brother Wen, we couldn’t save Su Ya. Since she stayed underwater for too long, it l seriously injured her brain. Hence, she was diagnosed as partially brain dead and has hemiplegia. She survived, however, she will have to be bedridden for the rest of her life…”

Su Wencheng remained silent and furrowed his eyebrows for a long time. No one knows what he was thinking about.

Chang Xiaoyang looked at him and said, “Brother Wen, I have asked somebody to think of a way to rescue her out of that place.”

Su Wencheng shook his head and faced Chang Xiaoyang. “Rescue her? Who says we are going to rescue her? What should we do after we rescue her? Considering her current situation, do you think she can leave with us?!”

Chang Xiaoyang was dumbfounded as he looked at Su Wencheng in confusion. “Brother Wen, do you mean that we are not going to rescue Su Ya, but she…” ‘She is your little sister.’

He paused and changed the statement he initially wanted to say. “But she knows all of your secrets. If we were to leave her behind, what are we going to do if she decides to betray you?”

Su Wencheng’s eyes turned cold. “I wouldn’t be so sure about other things, but this matter concerns Shi Guang, so she would definitely not betray me. After all, she hates Shi Guang to the bones. It was Shi Guang who had caused her to be disfigured and now, a vegetable. Hence, she will definitely bear all the blame and wait for me to take revenge for her.”

He closed his eyes. And with a face full of pity, he said, “That idiot, I already let her go. Why did she have to go back and drive herself into a corner? She even messed things up!”

Chang Xiaoyang intensely stared at Su Wencheng.

It was him who drove Su Ya into a corner.

If it wasn’t him who manipulated Su Ya to kidnap Shi Guang, Su Ya would not burn her bridges. She was a smart girl, and for her to go this far it was because she thought they had no other way out.

If he had told his plans to Su Ya that his ultimate goal is not to take Shi Guang’s life but to make a deal with Lu Yanchen, Su Ya wouldn’t have to come to this step.

However, he kept quiet and even misled Su Ya.

When he planned this incident, he had already used Su Ya as his chess piece.