His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1100 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (50)

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Chapter 1100: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (50)

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Taking his coat off hurriedly, Chu Mubei brought the other people with him and leapt into the seas to assist Lu Yanchen.

After jumping in, Lu Yanchen held his breath and dove deep, looking for Shi Guang.

He knew how to swim and he could hold his breath for a long time. Coupled with the fact that his entire mind was preoccupied with Shi Guang’s safety, the water posed no threat to him at all.

Lu Yanchen searched all around him and dove deeper yet he could not find any signs of Shi Guang.

Where was she? Where had she gone to? She’s a swimmer and she’ll definitely know the best ways of keeping herself safe in the waters. She’ll be fine, she’ll definitely be…

Even though he convinced himself as such, Lu Yanchen’s heart felt as though it was dug out to soak in the freezing waters as well.

He appeared above the surface for a change of breath before diving in deeply once more.

However, the waters were merely cold and dark – just where was she?

Lu Yanchen had never once felt as afraid as he was at that moment.

The fact that Shi Guang was a swimming champion did nothing to comfort him any longer.

A streak of red colour floated by him and instantly, Lu Yanchen recalled that Shi Guang seemed to have worn a red dress when she headed out that morning.

His heart raced furiously as he chased after the red shadow. From a distance, he caught sight of a long-haired girl who was floating in the seas with her eyes closed, seemingly unconscious and asleep.

Lu Yanchen sped over and after confirming that the girl was Shi Guang, felt his eyes sting.

He closed his eyes and pulled Shi Guang into his embrace.

Fondling her cheeks with his long, slender fingers, his heart only relaxed slightly once he confirmed that she was breathing.

He kissed Shi Guang on the lips, giving her air while bringing her with him to shore.

When Shi Guang sank into the waters, she recalled the dream she had – everything that happened in it resembled this very moment.

As a swimmer, it was a tragic and painful experience for her to be incapable of motion and merely sink downwards.

Finally, the world descended into a patch of darkness. Just as she thought that she was probably dead, she found herself returning to life.

It seemed to be in another world.

Here, she had a warm and loving family with her endearing parents and her sister.

However, this world of hers did not have Lu Yanchen in it. Just like in that dream, the Lu Family only had three sons and no one ever mentioned anything about the youngest one.

Shi Guang wanted to look for any possible traces of Lu Yanchen’s presence in this world but to no avail.

This world truly seemed to be devoid of this person.

Finally, she caught sight of the words ‘Lu Yanchen’– they were carved onto a grave and the date of his death was the exact date she had fell into the waters.

She felt her blood curdling and a chilling sensation spread through her entire body.

How could she have not saved Lu Yanchen?

It felt like a dream and yet it felt like reality.

This was a world and that was how that world was. Lu Yanchen had never existed in her life and because of that, her sister did not have to endure the bullying incident.

However, Feifei still became unconscious and her parents had gotten into the car accident with Mo Feifei in the car.

It was the exact same scenario in that dream.