His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1099 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (49)

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Chapter 1099: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (49)

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It wasn’t that Shi Guang wanted to sink or that she couldn’t swim anymore – Su Ya was tugging at her from beneath.

Spinning around from beneath, Shi Guang threw out a flurry of punches at Su Ya.

However, her strength was diminished in the waters and Su Ya’s face was nearly pushed away. Su Ya then lunged forth and fought with Shi Guang in the waters…

Shi Guang was a swimmer after all and Su Ya was naturally no match for her in the waters. Tugging at Su Ya’s hair, Shi Guang pushed her head down taking a breath of air above the waters.

She was pulled down right after as she pulled away Su Ya’s hand with all her might, kicking Su Ya in the chest.

Su Ya’s body fell back and started sinking into the waters.

Shi Guang saw that Su Ya was seemingly out of breath.

She spun around in the waters, wanting to rescue Su Ya – this was too easy of a death for her! She can’t die here, not before she receives proper judgement!

However, right then, Shi Guang’s leg cramped up.

She was bound for such a long time and drugged, causing her to be weak to begin with. Coupled with the fact that she had swam her sister to the surface and fought for so long in the waters, her body was going limp as her leg cramped up.

She could barely save herself, let alone Su Ya.

She floated to the water surface with a single leg and caught sight of Rong Mo looking both nervous and worried.

Rong Mo nearly broke into tears when she caught sight of Shi Guang.

Smiling, Shi Guang stretched her fatigued arms and wanted to swim to Rong Mo.

She wasn’t far now. Just a little further and she would be able to reach Rong Mo’s hands… however, she suddenly couldn’t push any further as she continued sinking.

The cold, cruel waters enveloped her face.

Rong Mo was watching Shi Guang the entire time as her heart clenched tightly.

She had initially thought that Shi Guang was merely taking another breath of air. But when Shi Guang did not resurface, she realised that something was wrong as she yelled, “Littly!”

She wanted to dive in to save Shi Guang. However, the moment she jumped in, she couldn’t even save herself as she choked and kicked around wildly.

Rong Mo caught onto the handrails once more before screaming, “Someone! Please help! Please…!”

She was mortified and had never hated herself as badly as now for not being able to swim!

Right then, a couple of black jeeps suddenly stopped at the bridge above.

Rong Mo looked up – even though it was far and she could not see clearly, she could tell that it must be Lu Yanchen as she yelled, “Lu Yanchen! Shi Guang’s in the waters! Hurry and save her! She’s inside! Save her!”

The moment he heard Rong Mo, Lu Yanchen looked down at the sea and without second thought, jumped over the railing on the bridge, ready to leap in.

At the side, Chu Mubei was shocked to death as he reached out for Lu Yanchen’s hand while roaring, “Lu Yanchen, you forgot you have water phobia?! Let…” us go!

“GET LOST!” Lu Yanchen bellowed before Chu Mubei could finish his sentence and leapt in.

F*ck the water phobia! He was only worried that he might lose Shi Guang!

Chu Mubei was stunned.

Bloody hell! This guy was so worrisome! Your swimming skills suck, dude!