His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1098 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (48)

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Chapter 1098: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (48)

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There was a curve up ahead – if they were to be rammed once more, they would end up on the mountain and the outcome would be disastrous.

In a ditch attempt, Shi Guang turned the steering wheel sharply, wanting to dodge Su Ya.

However, Su Ya rammed at them once more and the car flipped over.

The seas were right beside the roads as the car flipped downwards.



Shi Guang’s car was not the only one tumbling down – Su Ya’s as well.

Water was splashing forth from the boundless seas.

When the car fell down, Rong Mo lunged towards Shi Guang almost instantly.


Water started gushing into the car right after it fell in.

Shi Guang heaved out a sigh of relief as she looked at the car sinking – if it wasn’t water that they had landed in, they would have died from that fall.

She hurriedly took something to smash at the windscreen before swimming out.

As she waited for Rong Mo to do the same, it struck her – her sister did not know how to swim!

However, it was fine. With her around, she could pull her sister along.

The moment Shi Guang pulled Rong Mo out of the car, the latter’s body started sinking.

Shi Guang took a fresh breath of air before clasping her palms together. With her greatest might, she spread the water apart with her arms and her agile feet started pushing against the seas. Diving speedily, she appeared behind Rong Mo’s back and grabbed hold of her.

Rong Mo did not know how to swim nor hold her breath. By now, her face was already turning purplish as she shut her eyes tightly, as though she was about to asphyxiate at the next moment.

Shi Guang grabbed hold of Rong Mo’s hand and pulled her up to the surface.

The moment they got above the water surface, Rong Mo opened her eyes and breathed heavily. She turned to Shi Guang and asked worriedly, “Are you alright?”

Shi Guang smiled. “I’m fine. Let’s swim up to shore.”


“Kick your legs and spread the water with your hands. Follow the tempo of my words and we’ll swim ahead together…” Shi Guang instructed.

Rong Mo nodded her head and took in a deep breath of air before kicking out with both legs, one hand pushing water away while holding Shi Guang’s hand with her other hand.

“That’s the way! Just like that, incredible…”

Before Shi Guang could finish, Rong Mo suddenly plunged deep into the waters, giving Shi Guang a huge shock as she dove in wanting to scoop Rong Mo up.

However, Su Ya had appeared out of nowhere and was tugging at Rong Mo’s legs fervently.

Shi Guang sped towards Su Ya and gave her a kick.

Yet, Su Ya was still holding onto Rong Mo’s leg and refused to relent. Shi Guang reached out to pull Su Ya’s hands away while Rong Mo slapped at Su Ya.

Unable to fight against two, Su Ya let go soon.

Seizing the opportunity, Shi Guang pulled at Rong Mo and swam towards shore as quickly as possible. When they were approaching, she gave Rong Mo a push so that the latter could catch onto the handrails.

After steadying herself, Rong Mo wanted to reach out for Shi Guang. However, she had only managed to touch Shi Guang’s fingernails before the latter disappeared beneath the surface once more.

Her heart pounded furiously as she shouted, “Shi Guang!”

Shi Guang pushed herself above the waters and yelled to Rong Mo, “Don’t worry, Feifei! You hold on tight, make sure you do!”

With that, she sank down.