His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1097 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (47)

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Chapter 1097: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (47)

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She steadied herself and looked at Chang Xiaoyang, saying in a tempting manner, “Xiaoyang, you fancy Mo Feifei, isn’t it? I can promise you I’ll hand Mo Feifei to you after we capture them. You can erase her memories once more and reset things. That way, Mo Feifei will belong to you?”

“I’ve never wanted to be together with her to begin with. I know that I’m not a clean person. How could someone as dirty as me be fit for her!” Chang Xiaoyang replied blandly, completely unmoved by her temptation.

In truth, the thought had crossed his mind too. However, life never goes as expected. Whether or not she had her memories, Mo Feifei would not fancy him nor want to be with him. It was as though it was fated and nothing could change that.

Su Ya was thoroughly enraged – to think that he would reject her invitation!

This useless idiot!

She glared at Rong Mo and Shi Guang leave in the car, her eyes burning with a maddened rage.

When their car disappeared from her sight completely, she said in a calm voice as though she had regained her composure and looked at Chang Xiaoyang, “You can let me go now.”

He looked at the direction which Rong Mo and Shi Guang had left in before turning to look at Su Ya deeply and relenting his grip.

Instantly, Su Ya pushed him away fiercely.

She spun around right away and hopped into her car, giving chase.

No matter how hard Chang Xiaoyang shouted, Su Ya ignored it all and jammed down on the accelerator. The disfigured Su Ya was someone who had hatred brimming to an unstoppable point.

She had a twisted logic that she could only recover herself if Shi Guang was entirely destroyed, losing herself deeper and deeper in that convoluted insanity…

Shi Guang continued driving, somewhat agitated as she gripped the steering wheel tightly to compose herself – after all, they were not clear of danger completely just yet.

She was still perplexed over Chang Xiaoyang’s appearance – why was he together with Su Ya?

What sort of a role did he play in her sister’s incident?

She had heard parts of it earlier while leaving, that Chang Xiaoyang did something for Feifei… what happened between Chang Xiaoyang and her sister?

Rong Mo looked behind and when she saw that no one was chasing, heaved a sigh of relief before leaning back against the chair and telling Shi Guang, “Our parents didn’t die by an accident…”

“I know. It was all done by Su Wencheng and Su Ya,” Shi Guang grit her teeth. “The reason why she’s so bent on killing us today in that insane manner is probably because she already played all her cards. She’s afraid that we might spill the beans. However, now that it’s been so long ago, it’s difficult to even find evidence to incriminate her.”

“I’ve got evidence. Back in the capital, I had a voice recording. However, it dropped out when I fell down that mountain too. As long as we head back to that place, I’ll definitely be able to find that voice recorder and incriminate her!”

Shi Guang wanted to smile to her sister when she heard those words.

However, before her smile could even fully spread, her body lunged forward and she couldn’t control her car as well – it was as though the car was being pushed.

The both of them turned around to see a black car ramming at them… it was Su Ya – indeed, she had not given up and had chased after them.


It was another heavy smash as the force caused the both of them to fly forwards once more.