His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1095 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (45)

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Chapter 1095: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (45)

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Rong Mo reached out to hug Shi Guang and realised that she had forgotten to untie her.

Immediately, she loosened the ropes. The moment she regained her freedom, Shi Guang hugged Rong Mo tightly. “I knew you were my sister! I knew it!”

“I’m sorry! I couldn’t remember who I was earlier. I’m sorry for having you wait this long and causing you worry! It’s been rough on you through these years…”

Rong Mo’s gentle voice was nagging and her face was filled with pain while she hugged Shi Guang tighter.

She swore to herself that she would never let anyone hurt her or Shi Guang ever again!

Never again!

“It wasn’t rough. As long as you’re fine, nothing is rough!”

Shi Guang thought about how joyful an event this should be, to reunite with her sister. However, her tears were still flowing uncontrollably.

“Don’t cry, it’s fine…” Rong Mo was flustered and helped Shi Guang wipe her tears while supporting her to stand up. “Let’s go. Let’s leave this place.”

Shi Guang nodded her head and chuckled before asking, “… Feifei?”

“Hmms?” Rong Mo looked at her, thinking that Shi Guang had more to say.

However, Shi Guang merely cried as her tears fell like rain. Yet, her smile was bright and ecstatic. “Feifei.”




“Feifei, you’re finally back. Feifei…”

“Hmm? Yes, I’m back.”

“Feifei, Feifei, Feifei.”

“Hmm, hmm, hmm.”

Just like that, the both of them walked out of the house calling and replying one another dearly.

The moment they got out, they caught sight of the black car parked outside while Su Ya alighted with two other men.

Shi Guang and Rong Mo were both terrified.

It was especially so for Shi Guang who blinked in disbelief as she looked at the familiar looking man beside Su Ya.

Doctor Chang – Chang Xiaoyang?

Why was he here along with Su Ya?

Rong Mo gripped Shi Guang’s hand tightly right away pushed Shi Guang behind her. It was an act so protective that Shi Guang felt warm within.

Sniffling, she thought to herself that she wouldn’t have any regrets even if she were to die here with her sister.

Rong Mo looked at Su Ya’s car – that car had clearly left earlier on, why did it return?

Everything that had happened felt strange to her. They kidnapped Shi Guang but no one was watching over her. Someone even sent her an address?

What if this was a trap?


Rong Mo looked at Chang Xiaoyang deeply with a puzzled gaze.

Was someone helping Su Ya?

Unable to confirm anything, Rong Mo was merely concerned with Shi Guang’s safety. She tilted her head and whispered to Shi Guang, “See that car? Try to get on it, then…”

She wanted to let Shi Guang leave first.

However, before she could finish, Shi Guang had already dashed ahead and stood in front of her, looking at Su Ya. “Seems like you’re not intending to heed your brother’s orders. You’re bent on having me killed here today?”

“You caused this to me! Of course there’s no way I would let you off!” Su Ya snarled while clutching at her face.

The way she looked at Shi Guang was cold and menacing, filled with hatred as though she wanted nothing more than to rip Shi Guang apart with her mere gaze.

She extended her hand and indicated for the man and Chang Xiaoyang to go round Shi Guang and Rong Mo up…