His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1092 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (42)

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Chapter 1092: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (42)

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“Look at you, having to spend so many years with Yang Chifeng despite feeling nothing for him. That’s fun!”

“Love have always been nothing but a joke to me. It’s exactly as you’ve said, it’s fun being with Yang Chifeng. We’ve already had a prior agreement that we can each sleep with someone else every month to keep the spark in our relationship going. In truth, I knew that he didn’t fancy me at all. It was you who he fancied. But that doesn’t matter since I didn’t really like him to begin with.”

Su Ya said as she scoffed coldly – she knew that Shi Guang was buying time for Lu Yanchen to come save her.

However, this was such a secluded place. No matter how incredible Lu Yanchen was, he would have to take a couple of days to find them here.

Sleeping with others to keep the spark in the relationship… that sounded absolutely disgusting to Shi Guang.

“Don’t look at me in that way. Lu Yanchen being nice to you now does not mean that it will continue to last. Men are all unreliable, especially the exceptional ones like Lu Yanchen. They’re the ones who will definitely have an affair and get bored facing the same woman forever. The reason why Lu Yanchen hasn’t had an affair yet is because he isn’t sick of you yet. A few years later, once he’s tired of you, he’ll definitely look for other women elsewhere. But…”

Su Ya laughed gently and squatted down, looking at Shi Guang venomously while raising Shi Guang’s chin with her finger like a poisonous viper.

“I suppose Lu Yanchen won’t have to wait for a few years with what’s about to happen. Perhaps, he could find himself in the embrace of a new woman tomorrow or the day after… Hold on…”

She looked as though she was in a dilemma. “If you don’t get to leave this place and Lu Yanchen continues searching for you, that WILL take a couple of years.”

Shi Guang remained silent.

She could roughly guess what Su Ya was up to. She was still calm and her voice, while quivering, was firm. “No matter what you do to me today, Lu Yanchen won’t let you off.”

A sinister look flickered through Su Ya’s eyes as she barked fiercely, word by word. “Lu Yanchen won’t let me off? I’ll see how he does that for you once you’ve disgraced him completely!”

Flinging Shi Guang’s head away harshly, she stood up and looked at Boss Zhou, smiling wryly. “I heard that your wife’s at the outer province. I’m sure a man like you must be dying from holding all your lust in for so long. How about making use of her to vent your lust?”

Boss Zhou and the rest were completely mortified, exchanging glances and not daring to make a move.

Su Ya frowned. “What are you freezing up for? Do it!”

Boss Zhou gulped. “Miss Su, that’s Lu Yanchen’s wife.”

“So?” Su Ya furrowed her brows and hollered louder, “What are you afraid of? No one would find out about anything that happens today!”

Boss Zhou looked at her in fear, convinced that she has gone mad.

Even though people were always plotting against one another in the circle they were in, no one would dare cross the line. After all, none of these people were pushovers!

Just as he was flustered, Boss Zhou’s phone rang.

“Hang the call!” Su Ya roared.

“It’s Brother Wen.” When Boss Zhou saw that it was Su Wencheng, he heaved a sigh of relief.