His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1091 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (41)

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Chapter 1091: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (41)

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Even though Shi Guang’s words came slowly, they were ice cold and piercing as they displayed the darkest side of Su Ya’s heart.

With a dark gaze, Su Ya winced at the side of her lips. “Enough with your nonsense. You can only blame your father for his tough luck. Since he was an orphan, he should not have returned to the Su Family!”

Shi Guang was so enraged that her teeth were chattering. “We did not intend to return! We did not even know about it!”

“But no one can guarantee the future! My father’s a prodigal son while your father is talented! Back then, your sister was so beautiful with exceptional grades and intelligence as well! If you guys were to return, would there still be a place for me and my brother?” For her future, Su Ya had to destroy any chance of that happening.

“So, you believe that the secret would never see the light of day once you kill us all? The mills of God grind slowly but surely!” Shi Guang snarled with reddened eyes.

That final idiom was practically seethed out as her temple pulsated with her veins, displaying her endless hatred!

“Your parents were dead back then and your sister was in a coma. If you had died as well, wouldn’t the secret be gone completely?”

With that, Su Ya rubbed her forehead and sighed. “Honestly, your sister’s really pitiful. A genius girl blessed by the heavens. When she was in the coma, I had intended to let her off. But, it’s all your fault. If not for you, your sister wouldn’t have woken up! But you were alive and you arranged for the surgery while getting married to the Lu Family! That is the exact reason why your sister’s fate is so tormented! Couldn’t you just let her enjoy her life in the coma? Why did you insist on letting her wake up? There are things that were never meant to be leaked to the world. You were the one who forced me to have no other choice but to think of ways to get rid of you guys once more!”

“You said that Yan Zi was the one who caused my sister to disappear, but you had a part to play, right?” Shi Guang asked her, wanting to find out the truth and drag things out at the same time.

“If I said I didn’t, I didn’t. It was truly only Yan Zi and Shi Ze who caused your sister’s disappearance. However, she did end up in my hands after the car accident. But, she escaped later on. Do you know who she is right now?” Su Ya asked gently, clearly bemused at the spectacle.

“Who?” Shi Guang asked indifferently while she had an answer in mind.

“Rong Mo. Aren’t you suspicious of how similar they look? I thought you guys have long acknowledged one another!” Su Ya suddenly giggled. “I nearly forgot, Rong Mo was injected with a drug that caused her to lose her memories! Recently, she and Yan Zi came to my villa intending to look for evidence but they were caught by me and I got someone to inject her with the same drug once more! It was something that could have her forget everything, including having a sister! You’re able to see her yet you guys won’t ever acknowledge one another! Haha! This is fun!”

Shi Guang’s smile froze up – she could not even go on pretending any longer.

She no longer wanted to continue chatting, merely wanting nothing more to be untied and bash Su Ya up so badly that even her parents won’t recognize her.

Biting her lips to compose herself, Shi Guang scoffed coldly and mocked, “But it’s not as fun as you!”