His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1090 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (40)

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Chapter 1090: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (40)

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The sight of Su Ya’s body freezing up slightly confirmed Shi Guang’s guess. “Since you’ve always been so afraid of me coming into contact with the Su Family, the secret must have something to do with me. That’s exactly the reason why you wanted to hurt my sister too. Back in high school, you already knew the secret of the parentage and knew that my sister was grandpa’s true granddaughter!”

Shi Guang narrowed her gaze and elaborated all her guesses from the past.

“In order to protect this secret, you and your brother orchestrated a cruel incident using my sister’s bullying. That is…” Shi Guang took in a deep breath and her voice suddenly started quivering. “… my parents’ accident back then. It was no mere accident. You were behind it!”

Su Ya froze momentarily.

She had not expected Shi Guang to be able to deduce it out!

Through the years, she had always thought that everything was done seamlessly without a single soul knowing the truth. Yet, it was still found out in the end.

Yan Zi.

Mo Feifei.

And now, Shi Guang.

This was even more reason for Shi Guang to disappear from the face of this world!

Su Ya narrowed her gaze and glared at Shi Guang harrowingly before advancing to her. Her gaze was soulless as she smirked nefariously. “Fufu, your parents deserved it!”

There was a deranged look of hatred in her eyes as she kicked Shi Guang once more.

Instantly, Shi Guang’s knees buckled as she looked up at Su Ya, trying her best to stop her body from trembling. Steadying herself as quickly as possible, she looked at Su Ya sharply. “You’re vile!”

The way Shi Guang looked as though she wanted to devour Su Ya had the latter wanting to kick her once more as Boss Zhou interrupted, “Miss Su, Brother Wen said…”

Su Ya glared at Boss Zhou fiercely and pushed him away.

However, she did not kick Shi Guang anymore, merely glaring at her coldly. Shi Guang’s look of nonchalance had her thinking of her own disfigured face as she wished for nothing more than to rip Shi Guang’s face apart.

“I truly shouldn’t have kept you alive back then! All of you should have died!!” The usually calm and sinister Su Ya was bursting forth like a dam that had broken open. She did not bother to hide her intents any longer – after all, she had no plans of letting Shi Guang get out alive!

Shi Guang furrowed her brows and took a deep breath, pushing down the wrath and sadness she was feeling.

A torrential hatred gushed through her as she wanted to lunge at Su Ya.

I’m sorry, dad, mum. I’m sorry…

She clenched her teeth and yelled out, “Su Ya, you’ll get your retribution!!!”

“Everyone for themselves! That’s the law of nature!” Su Ya curled her lips in a self-righteous manner

She questioned Shi Guang. “If we were to swap places, would you be willing to let everything that belonged to you be stolen away and trampled beneath you? Would you let that happen!?”

“Everyone for themselves… that’s not how it goes. The saying was meant for people to ensure that they grow as better people, not as an excuse for you to hurt others! Indeed, it is a right of mankind to fight for their own rights and happiness in order to survive, grow and lead a better life. However, it’s not to that twisted extent of yours where you would sacrifice lives to get what you want! Law of nature? What you’re doing is more like a heinous crime of nature!”