His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1087 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (37)

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Chapter 1087: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (37)

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The man carried her for a distance before tossing here away roughly. The moment she landed on the ground, she was met with a sharp, dizzying pain.

It was only with extreme restrain in order to not be found out that Shi Guang did not let out a groan of pain.

It might be due to the drug that knocked her out, but Shi Guang’s mind felt hazy even though she was awake.

Suddenly, her vision brightened as someone removed her blindfold. She moved her eyes slightly but the man did not notice that she was awake, merely commenting to another man beside him, “Boss Zhou, this girl’s rather pretty.”

Boss Zhou scolded him, “Don’t try anything funny! Bloody hell, she’s from the Lu Family.”

“Haha, it was just a casual remark.”


The two men left while bickering.

The moment she heard the door closing, Shi Guang opened her eyes to a thin slit – her surroundings were dark and there was no light nor windows.

She was lying on terribly uncomfortable cemented ground that was disgustingly greasy while the air stank with a rotting smell.

She did not know where she was.

Budging and shaking her body, she tried to feel around with her hands that were tied to her back to see if she could hook anything but to no avail.

The tying caused her hands to feel both painful and numb. It was the same for her mouth that was taped up.

Enduring the discomfort, she started thinking about how she could escape or seek help. She then thought of her phone that was in her bag which had fell to the ground – that was her only tool to seek help.

However, even if she had not dropped the bag, those men would not have let her come in with a bag as well.

She licked those chaffed lips of hers and closed her eyes. When she next opened them, she found that she was getting used to the level of darkness and could start to make out the place she was at. There were walls around her and the only exit was through a small metal door. However, no light could enter and there were only some scrambled sounds around her – she seemed to be in a small basement that was both quiet and eerie.

How should she get out of this unknown place?

Did Lu Yanchen know about her kidnapping?

She seemed to have recalled hearing Rong Mo’s voice earlier on – could Rong Mo have already arrived for their meeting and saw her kidnapping from a distance?

It was thankful that Rong Mo was slightly late or else she might have met with the same fate.

Besides, Rong Mo would definitely call for help after witnessing what happened.

That was the silver lining in the clouds as Shi Guang hoped for Lu Yanchen’s swift arrival…

Lowering her head, Shi Guang sighed silently.

Suddenly, she heard a distant conversation, “Miss Su, we’ve already gotten her according to your orders. Should we let Brother Wen know about this?”

That was Boss Zhou’s voice.

“I’ve already told my brother about this,” A cold, female voice rang out – indeed, it was Su Ya as Shi Guang had expected.

Her brother, Su Wencheng? Were they the ones who had abducted her?

What did they want?

Shi Guang laid down on the ground once more back to the original position as though she had never woken up at all.

The only thing she could do in this helpless situation was to drag things out.


A metallic sound of chains rattling and the door opening with a bang sounded out, reverberating sharply in that quiet, eerie room.