His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1086 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (36)

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Chapter 1086: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (36)

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Even if she were to go for plastic surgery, the area near her lips would probably not be the same again.

That must be why she had lost her sense of reasoning and committed this kidnapping.

For someone who had lost their sense of reasoning – especially someone as scheming and evil as Su Ya – no one would know what they could do once they went mad.

The more Lu Yanchen thought about it, the more worried he was.

He wasn’t afraid of failing to rescue Shi Guang – he was afraid of what horrors Shi Guang might face before he got to her.

For example, Su Ya might want to disfigure Shi Guang to have her suffer the same pain.

That was not even the most frightening – he was afraid Su Ya might scar Shi Guang mentally…

No matter what, he must not let any of that take place.

Lu Yanchen suddenly thought of a single person who could stop Su Ya.

Her brother – Su Wencheng!

Without hesitation, Lu Yanchen scrolled through his phone and sent a certain number some blurry pictures.

They looked nothing different from photoshopped photos but within a minute, that number made a call over.

“Lu Yanchen,” A man’s voice rang out. Even though he had merely called out Lu Yanchen’s name, it was akin to an admittance of guilt.

“Su Wencheng, I can promise you that these would never see the day of light. However, I want my wife safe and sound,” Lu Yanchen stated his demand for a trade with Su Wencheng.

If anyone of the Su Family had dared to lay a hand on Shi Guang, he would never let them off. It was also only a matter of time before Su Wencheng lost his position – Lu Yanchen need not rush it, he would have plenty of opportunities in the future.

However, what’s important was that nothing untoward must happen to Shi Guang now!


When Shi Guang woke up, she found herself moving – she was in the truck?

She could not budge at all as she was tied up with duct tape over her mouth while her eyes were blindfolded. Curled around, she was tucked at an extremely tight spot.

Earlier on, there were three men who drugged and kidnapped her.

If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have stopped Lu Yanchen the previous night – who would have expected this?

However, who was the one who had kidnapped her?

Her first thought was Su Ya. After all, she had the most feuds with Su Ya recently.

Other than Su Ya, Yan Zi came to mind as well.

Even though Yan Zi had already gone missing, she was a possibility as well since she was akin to a walking time bomb which no one could predict.

A male voice rang out, “Boss Zhou, why did Miss Su have us kidnap this woman?”

Boss Zhou barked. “Don’t ask questions and just do what you’re supposed to!”

The truck came to a stop and Boss Zhou ordered once more, “Get her in and keep tight watch over her!”


Shi Guang continued to close her eyes, trying her best to not move and pretend that she had not woken up.

The man mentioned Miss Su? It must be Su Ya then! What did Su Ya want? To think that Su Ya would kidnap her!

Shi Guang found herself being lifted onto someone’s shoulders while her stomach churned terribly.

She did not know what they had drugged her with but she felt extremely uncomfortable!