His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1085 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (35)

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Chapter 1085: Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited (35)

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After pressing on Lu Yanchen’s number, Rong Mo turned it to handsfree before turning on the car and giving chase once more.

The moment the call connected, Lu Yanchen heard the sound of the car turning on and a foreign voice, “Lu Yanchen, Shi Guang’s been kidnapped. Hurry and save her!”

Lu Yanchen gripped his phone tightly. “What did you say?”

This was Shi Guang’s phone and that voice… even though he had only heard it a couple of times, he could tell that it was Rong Mo.

However, since it was an outsider calling, it was only normal for anyone to be suspicious of it and would ask for verification.

Rong Mo explained hurriedly while driving, “I’m Rong Mo… and Mo Feifei. I came to the provincial team to look for Shi Guang and a silver bread truck suddenly stopped in front of her! Three burly men then knocked her out and dragged her onto it. The truck has no license plate and I’m chasing after it right now. But I don’t really know how to drive and I can’t catch up to them! I’m really far from them and can barely see the truck anymore! Please think of a way!”


Lu Yanchen’s heart skipped a beat.

He should have ignored Shi Guang’s opinion and arranged for bodyguards last night and this wouldn’t have happened.

However, he had not expected that Su Ya would be this impatient as well.

He glared ahead coldly, gripping his phone to steady himself. “Send me the address. Don’t chase anymore since you can’t drive. Stop the car at the roadside and wait for us.”

If Rong Mo was Mo Feifei and she got into trouble to save Shi Guang, that would definitely lead to Shi Guang’s lifetime regret.

He was going to save Shi Guang and ensure her safety while making sure that Rong Mo was fine too!

Lu Yanchen called his assistant and Chu Mubei right away to retrieve all CCTV footage of the provincial team’s carpark.

In less than 5mins, Lu Yanchen’s phone had the clips of Shi Guang being kidnapped.

Looking at how Shi Guang tried to escape and was eventually dragged up the truck… Lu Yanchen’s heart sank while his eyes were filled with a bloodlust.

He contemplated calmly on how he could rescue Shi Guang as quickly as possible!

There were only reasons for someone to kidnap Shi Guang – money or vengeance.

If it was for money, the other party would definitely not be as stupid as to target the Lu Family.

Therefore, it must be for vengeance.

Those who had a feud with Shi Guang – Su Ya, Yan Zi…

There was a chance that someone was targeting him and redirected their attacks to Shi Guang. However, the only person who would dare to do that would be Shi Ze.

Yet, Shi Ze had his hands completely tied with his company, working overtime everyday – there was no way he would have the time to do this.

Yan Zi and Shi Ze were in cahoots. Ever since the truth was exposed, they probably wouldn’t have the mood to join hands for this kidnapping.

Therefore, Su Ya was the only possibility.

Normally, the smart Su Ya would not be this reckless.

However, she had suffered gravely during this period of time.

Her face was disfigured and burnt badly. Even if she were to go for plastic surgery…