His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1082 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 32

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Chapter 1082 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 32

Rong Mo deleted the call history after hanging up. She intended to head out after changing – Shi Guang would probably worry seeing her looking like that.

With that, she placed the phone down and headed to the bathroom, intending to wash up casually.

Through the bathroom mirror, she was bruised looking as though she had just been abused.

Rong Mo was extremely upset, feeling like she was a barbie doll that had just been played with as a gush of dissident indignance enveloped her.

For a moment, she really felt like crying.

It might be due to the fact that it was her first time, or that Shang Mo had crossed the line or some other reason, but she felt truly sad.

Sniffing hard, she held back all of her tears.

That damned Shang Mo!

Thinking about what he had done the previous night, Rong Mo felt that it was totally inhumane. Even though she had agreed to it by a freak accident, she had clearly said that she did not want later on only to be coaxed by him.

Even though something that intimate had happened between them, she truly did not fancy him.

Her emotional life was like a piece of blank paper as she had no clue towards the relationships between men and women. When she looked at clingy couples at times, she would be baffled, thinking that no two people should behave that intimately even if they were married.

When she knew that Lu Yanchen and Shi Guang were extremely loving, she was truly delighted.

But when it came to herself, she felt uncomfortable about it.

Back in the villa when Chang Xiaoyang had taken such care of her, she might have fallen for him a little?

After all, that was the first person she met upon waking up.

However, when she found out that he was neither her kin nor boyfriend and when he tried to hurt her, those feelings turned into nothing but fear.

Therefore, she was devoid in the department of relationships.

She did not like to get overly intimate with other people.

Shang Mo had truly behaved way too horrifyingly and somewhat perverted – Rong Mo did not know if Shang Mo was taking her as a man or woman…

She had always thought that Shang Mo was dangerous when she saw him in the past and felt that she had to steer clear of such a man. At the same time, she had been careful to not give him any misunderstandings.

Frightened, she avoided him as best as she could day to day.

To think that she would have forgotten about everything after Chang Xiaoyang caused her to lose her memories, thinking that Shang Mo was a good person who merely thought of her as a brother.

Unguarded, she allowed Shang Mo to get close to her such that even her first time was given to him…

After washing up, Rong Mo put on a set of clean clothes.

Before leaving, she made a trip to Shang Mo’s room – he hadn’t woken up yet. He had drank too much the previous night and had only slept close to daybreak. As such, he would most likely not wake up before noon.

Rong Mo placed his phone back where it was.

As she opened the door, she turned back and looked at the man on the bed.

To be precise, he had raped her. On account of Granny Shang, she was going to overlook this.

After all, Granny Shang had saved her life.

She had nothing to repay the Shang Family with. Everything she had right now, including her life, belonged to the Shang Family – she won’t be here if not for them.

Since that’s the case, she’ll just take it as though nothing had happened then.

Rong Mo’s long lashes were lowered as she closed the door gently.

Hugging her bag tightly, she strode away…