His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1080 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 30

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Chapter 1080 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 30

Logic and lust were engaged between a fearsome battle within Rong Mo’s mind amidst the broken memories.

Her body was tensed up as she closed her eyes tightly, as though her soul was leaving her.

However, Shang Mo took it as a sign that she had accepted him and deepened his kiss, sucking her sweet essence with everything he had.

Rong Mo’s mind continued fluttering until finally, Shi Guang’s face appeared with reddened eyes, standing before her choking and calling for her, “Feifei…”


She blurted out.

Through her throbbing headache and tensed body, she felt as though she was lost in a dream until a piercing pain came from the lower part of her body…

“Ah, it hurts!” Rong Mo yelled out. It was as though she had only just realised there was a man pinned on top of her as she was both in shock and in a daze.

She roared angrily, “What are you doing, Shang Mo?!”

“Be good…” Shang Mo’s breathing was hurried as he met with resistance. Stunned, he gulped.

He then kissed her tenderly and consoled her, whispering, “It’ll be over soon, don’t be afraid… I’ll be gentler. It won’t hurt in a bit…”

This was a rite of passage for every girl to turn into a woman – it was inevitable.

He would take good care of her and be gentle, do everything for her except endure that pain for her sake.

Rong Mo rejected vehemently, “N-No!”

It hurt so badly that her face was frighteningly pale, tears almost streaming down her cheeks while her nails were dug deeply into his firm muscles.

Shang Mo was heartbroken as he carried her in his embrace before kissing her on the hair gently while comforting, “It won’t hurt in the future. No more. Instead, it will get progressively comfortable.”

Rong Mo felt as though she was about to go mad as she glared at him angrily. “Do you know what you’re doing? This is rape!”


Shang Mo frowned. “But I asked you and you said yes. You agreed to it…”

She said yes?


She was clearly replying to Shi Guang’s call earlier on! Damned memory, why did it have to coincide just like that! Everything’s messy, really messy!

Rong Mo took a deep breath. “You’re wrong, I don’t want it. Let me go.”

“You’re telling me you don’t want it now?” Shang Mo’s entire face was filled with restrain – it was clear how tormented he was feeling right now.

Rong Mo could not understand the pain of asking a man to stop at such a juncture. However, she was truly not accustomed to this and it really hurt!

“Hurry, get up.” This was something one could only do with their most beloved one – but that was not the relationship between her and Shang Mo!

“No? Don’t cross the line! Asking me to stop right now is worse than killing me!” Shang Mo was already at his limits – he no longer wanted to hear her explain as he kissed her on the lips.

He then whispered sweet nothings to her, “I’m your first man, and also your last.”

Rong Mo was initially extremely reluctant but he was gentle and his technique was amazing – she felt as though she was a doll.

She did not know what happened except that she melted like a puddle. He was extremely careful because he knew it was her first time.

However, it lasted a really, long time… he only let her off at daybreak after he was satisfied.

In between, there were quite a number of times when Rong Mo scolded, cried, begged and even wanted to kill him. However, Shang Mo was like a man child as he hugged her the entire time, calling her baby and coaxing her like a child…