His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1079 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 29

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Chapter 1079 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 29

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There was a woman who visited Rong Mo in the hospital – it was Yan Zi who was still unconscious right now.

She was apologetic. “I’ll confess, it was me and Shi Ze who took Mo Feifei away from the hospital. However, she had gone missing after the car accident.”

“Back then, everyone had their own motives for the campus bullying incident. At that time, I truly thought that Su Ya was just joining us for Yang Chifeng.”

“Mo Feifei’s bullying, the death of her parents and her eventual jumping off the building… anyone would have thought that it was a chain of events that stemmed from the bullying incident. However, it is now exposed that Su Ya’s entire family is not blood related to the Su Family. Shi Guang and Mo Feifei’s father is the true son of Old Master Su…”

In a villa, she was questioning another woman – Su Ya.

“Su Ya, you created the bullying incident and you killed my father! You’re afraid because Lin Yi’er found out about it so you created her accident as well!”

Su Ya was furious. “I did not expect myself to not be blood related with the Su Family either! I had always thought that I was a princess, high and above in the Su Family. Yet, one day, my brother told me that we shouldn’t have been part of the Sus and that our true grandfather was a gambler while our grandmother was a country bumpkin!”

“I have to destroy every single possibility of the truth being exposed!”

“Chang Xiaoyang’s medicine will cause you to lose your memories…”

The car bolted treacherously through the night like a rocket as Yan Zi turned to her. “I’ll slow down at the junction up ahead. Jump off from there.”

She shook her head. “No!”

“Hurry, get out!”

Yan Zi roared out authoritatively. At a turning junction, she opened the door on Rong Mo’s side and pushed her out.

Rong Mo tumbled all the way down from the car to the slope.

Recording pen.

Her recording pen…

Rong Mo’s head buzzed painfully as her nerves were suffering from the influx of newfound memories. Suddenly, her eyes flashed – it was as though her phone and recording pen were right before her as she buried her head in her hands and yelled out in pain.

Sensing that something was off, Shang Mo looked at her frightfully pale face and felt his heart skip a beat.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling pain anywhere…”

Rong Mo did not reply him, merely burying her head in her hands as the memories continued gushing in.

She finally knew how she got into the coma and how she was taken away from the hospital along with how she was with Chang Xiaoyang and how she lost her memories once more.

She was right when she told granny that Shi Guang might be in danger.

Su Ya… that was a frightening woman who killed Lin Yi’er just to conceal the truth of her birth right and her murder of Rong Mo’s parents. Since she could have killed Lin Yi’er, it wouldn’t hurt to kill another.

Shang Mo was heartbroken as he hugged her tenderly in his embrace, kissing her forehead while comforting her dearly.

Looking at how Rong Mo was looking better, he kissed her on the lips and blocked her airflow once more.

Rong Mo merely harrumphed coldly – her head was still spinning.

She backed off but was pinned under by him as he sucked on her lips gently, seducing her patiently.

Rong Mo was going fuzzy and limp over his kiss, losing her sense of reason…