His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1078 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 28

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Chapter 1078 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 28

Rong Mo did not know what to do and was extremely afraid.

Not having any experience did not mean knowing nothing at all.

Shang Mo’s hands felt as though they were on fire as they left a scorching trail on her body. She used her might to push against the person pinning on her, saying with horror, “Shang Mo, no, for real…”

She could sense a fuzzy sensation spreading from that part of her body.

Later on, she found her body going limp uncontrollably.

When he sucked at her ears, she even let out moans.

It was as though she was being placed on a burner.

What was going on?

Rong Mo was completely taken aback – she did not know how she should handle such a situation and could only think of telling him to stop by reasoning with him.

“Don’t you like men? I’m a woman! Stop…”

Shang Mo harrumphed coldly internally – It’s exactly because you’re a woman, little liar!

But, why did you only have to let me know that you’re a woman after I fell in love with you? F*ck, there’s nothing wrong with my sexual orientation!

However, Shang Mo had a funny feeling as though he was played with.

He then kissed Rong Mo tightly on the lips as though he was punishing her, not allowing her to make a single sound.

Only God knew how badly he struggled internally just days ago…

To Rong Mo, the both of them did not have much contact at all.

She could not understand why Shang Mo would have such thoughts towards her. Besides, didn’t he fancy the male version of her?

Why was he continuing to kiss her even after discovering her true gender…

He had completely disposed of that usual cold and aloof attitude of his after removing his spectacles, turning into a true devil!

With some slight force, he pulled her blouse open, causing the buttons to fall to the ground. The next moment, he carried her up and turned around gently before tossing her on the bed!

Rong Mo felt her entire head spin as she landed on the pure, white sheets.

Suddenly, her head buzzed and she was confused, unsure where she was.

Even when Shang Mo kneeled to the bed with a single knee and pinned down on her, she could not sense it at all. Right now, a series of images were flashing through her mind.

“Shi Guang, Jiayou! Jiayou! Shi Guang!”

The chants in her mind had her drowning in it…

It was a swimming competition and the girl in the water seemed like a fish. She had a beautiful posture like an elf of the water that was unstoppable, pushing ahead freely in the fastest possible speed exuding a unique charm and suaveness!

The entire hall was booming with cheers that threatened to topple it!

Even the caster was so excited that he was going hoarse!

u003cSpeeding! She’s speeding up! Right now, they’re neck to neck… overtook! Shi Guang leads at the final 20m! She’s even speeding up further! The final 5m! Amazing! First! Shi Guang just took another first place!u003e

Emerging from the waters, she thrusted her right hand triumphantly.

She was young and bursting with sunshine.

That was her sister – Shi Guang.

Shi Guang looked at her in a dazed manner. “Rong Mo, I’ve got a sister. She’s… amazing and really pretty. She was a genius as well. Since we were young, I always felt like she would know anything. Are you my sister?”

Her eyes were bloodshot as she screamed after her in tears, “Feifei…!”

That’s me! I’m your sister!