His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1076 - 1076 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 26

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1076 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 26

Feeling like his lips were about to come down, Rong Mo tilted her head in shock.

However, her head was pulled towards him immediately after as he croaked, “You like me. I’m sure… consider it? Consider giving a chance for us to try things out, alright?”

His lips approached and brushed by hers flirtingly.

Rong Mo breathed heavily and replied coldly, “How are you so sure? Who do you think you are? Someone that everyone must like? Hurry and let me go or I’ll get angry.”

Shang Mo looked at her silently for awhile before declaring solemnly and authoritatively, “Never mind. As long as I like you, that’ll do.”

He then raised her chin slightly and kissed her right on the lips.

Rong Mo’s eyes widened and she was completely stunned. She had not came to a full realization of what was going on yet as her breathing nearly stopped while her heart pounded profusely as though it was leaping out of her chest.

By the time she realised what was going on, Shang Mo had already penetrated through the defences, peeling her teeth away while reaching… deeper in.

Rong Mo dodged her tongue away instantly but it was still caught by him.

She resisted through stifled sounds but it was of no use, he merely turned more aggressive. Punching against his chest, she could not push him away at all as she moved to punching him on the shoulders… still to no avail. That was the difference in strength between a man and a woman – she could only go through the flow.

His aggressive dominance had her struggling to breathe as her head started spinning slightly.

Shang Mo had initially only wanted to peck her on the lips like a kiss that was to lock in their love.

However, she was too sweet for him to resist – he felt like a man who had found water in a desert and merely wanted more.

His hand was no longer restrained as well as he started roaming around her waist.

She was truly skinny.

Sensing her struggling, Shang Mo pushed ahead and pinned her against the wall, feeling a mushy, boneless feeling at the chest area.

How should he describe that feeling?

In any case, it just felt more like he was pinning against a woman… with that softness at the chest.

Shang Mo’s eyes bolted wide open.


Rong Mo was a woman!

He broke the kiss and let Rong Mo go.

When Rong Mo regained her freedom, her first instinct was to raise her hand and throw a slap over.

However, her hand was midair when he caught her swiftly before pinning her against the wall.

His body moved forth as he pinned and grinded against her body once more as though he was testing for something.

Rong Mo was in pain against being pinned. Shang Mo went to the gym regularly and his chest was extremely tough. In fact, his entire body was filled with muscles such that Rong Mo could barely breathe after being squeezed.

But that was not all.

Given that distance, there was no way Shang Mo could not have realised her gender. Or perhaps, he had already found out and was just making sure…

“Get lost!!” Rong Mo was thoroughly enraged now as the hand that was raised earlier thumped down on his shoulder.

After receiving the thump, Shang Mo held her hand and pinned her against the wall, looking at her with a scorching gaze.

The both of them had just kissed and her petite face was flushed red, looking tender and delectable.

Perhaps due to shyness or anger towards him, Rong Mo’s face seemed as though it was veiled with a thin layer of rouge. In any case, she was beautiful beyond words – there was no way a man could have such a face.

Raising his head and breathing gently, he whispered seductively by her ears, “You’re a woman?!”