His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1074 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 24

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Chapter 1074 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 24

Without his spectacles, Shang Mo was like a devil, looking lazy, acting devilishly and an abyssal gaze… every single motion he took brought with it an unparalleled charm with a sinful seductiveness. He no longer resembled a human, but a poppy seed that lured with a tempting poison.

He was clearly someone who looked extremely decent and well mannered with his spectacles on.

People who did not know better might have thought that it was two entirely different people.

Rong Mo headed down with a beguiled expression. When she caught sight of Big Mountain in the living room, she was delighted – he could bring the hangover soup to Shang Mo so she could avoid more contact with Shang Mo.

“Big Mountain.”

Big Mountain was on a call when he turned around upon hearing the voice only to see Rong Mo rushing to him with an excited look.

Suddenly, Big Mountain felt his heart clench up – while others may not know, he knew that there was a sexual tension between Mr Rong and Mr Shang.

Even though he wasn’t certain if Mr Rong fancied men, he knew that something was definitely off with Mr Shang… hence, he could not help but feel nervous at Rong Mo’s sudden friendliness.

“Is there anything, Mr Rong?”

“The hangover soup’s ready. Bring it up for Mr Shang.”

“But, I’m going to fetch my girlfriend.” Big Mountain did not want to do it – such a timing would definitely lead to rumours.

“Girlfriend? When have you had a girlfriend?” Rong Mo did not seem to remember Big Mountain having a girlfriend.

“Erm… just…”


“I’ve courted her for a long time and she finally agreed to be my girlfriend. That’s why I’m rushing to go see her now.” Big Mountain waved his phone – his call was still connected on the other end.

Rong Mo did not suspect anything and merely smiled before heading to the kitchen.

Heaving a sigh of relief, he turned and headed out. When he placed his phone by his ear once more, a male voice rang out, “F*ck you! Since when did I become your girlfriend…”

Holding the hangover soup, Rong Mo stood in front of the door for a long time before entering.

The moment she entered, she was stunned – Shang Mo had just taken a shower and was sitting on the bed wearing nothing but a bathrobe. His hair was still wet as he held a glass of red wine – the bottle on the table was already half finished.

Rong Mo sweated.

“Mr Shang, you’re still drinking?” He’s still drinking despite being this drunk? Even if he doesn’t care for himself, he should spare a thought for Granny Shang!

Granny was already really old. If she found out that he was destroying his health as such, she would go into a fit!

“Don’t drink anymore. Have this hangover soup. You’ll feel better after.” Rong Mo placed the soup at the bedside.

She reached over for Shang Mo’s glass of red wine but he dodged his hand away. “No!”

His dodging of Rong Mo caused some of the red wine to spill out, creating a piercing streak of scarlet across the pure, white sheets.

Rong Mo’s beautiful lashes raised slightly as she met with Shang Mo’s gaze, looking devilish and released.

Really, this man was just like a child. She was right in describing him as such previously.

Softening her voice, she said, “Don’t drink anymore. Too much alcohol is bad for your body.”

Shang Mo tilted his head lazily and placed the glass down before inching beside her and whispering, “You’re worried about me?”

Rong Mo was frozen for breath for a moment, looking at that dangerously seductive face of his.

Pursing her lips, she held her breath and replied carefully, “Aren’t you my brother? Isn’t it normal for me to be worried?”