His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1073 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 23

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Chapter 1073 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 23

The long silence caused the towel to go cold once more. However, Shang Mo did not remove it and request for Rong Mo to warm it up.

Realizing that the towel had gone cold, Rong Mo raised it and said, “I’ll go warm up the towel.”

She was waiting for Shang Mo to get up but the latter’s head was just on her lap the entire time. Feeling uneasy from head to toe, she called out, “Mr Shang?”

Was this something that two men were supposed to be doing? Could Shang Mo truly have ideas about her male persona?

Shang Mo gradually sat up and tossed the towel to Rong Mo, seemingly irked.

Rong Mo: “…”

Had she done something wrong to annoy him once more?

This was truly an emotionally unstable man.

She heated the towel and passed it to Shang Mo.

This time round, he did not take it over and merely looked at her blandly.

Rong Mo suppressed her apprehensiveness and smiled at him before passing the towel to him once more.

Unable to sense any changes in Rong Mo’s expression, Shang Mo took the towel over as though he had just been defeated in a war.

The moment the towel was off her hands, Rong Mo turned around intending to leave.

However, she had merely taken a single step when her wrist was grabbed by a forceful tug which pulled her back to the bedside.

Rong Mo turned her head around, surprised. “What?”

His gaze was ambiguous as he glared at her coldly. “Where are you heading to?”

“To check if the hangover soup’s done,” Rong Mo explained.

“I’m not drunk. Why would I need a hangover soup?” Shang Mo’s expression relaxed before leaning back against the bed.

Rong Mo was stunned for a moment, not knowing to laugh or to cry. “…”

That isn’t being drunk?

“Hangover soups are not reserved only for drunk people. Anyone who’s had alcohol can drink them,” She smiled and elaborated.

Shang Mo agreed to it blandly before narrowing his gaze. “What’s going on with you and Qianxun? You’re a newcomer now. A rumour like that won’t do you any good. Besides, they claim that you two are together?”

“Me and Qianxun? What about us?” Rong Mo had no phone so she had no clue about the rumours.

Shang Mo took out his phone, unlocked it and went on the internet before opening news of the rumour and shoving the phone to Rong Mo.

After reading it, Rong Mo laughed helplessly.

“These people can truly create anything out of thin air. I went to Qianxun’s place because I was looking for her for something. I left without staying for long. And that hug was entirely due to the shooting angle. I saw that she was about to slip and I helped her up.”

“That’s all?”

“That’s all.” What else?

“Then why are you heading out so late at night?” Shang Mo suddenly bolted upright and inched towards Rong Mo’s face – the distance was so close that they could feel one another breathe.

The sudden closing of the gap between them had Rong Mo’s heart skipping a beat.

The drunk Shang Mo seemed like an investigator that was checking up on her every move – was she not allowed to have privacy?

“To do something.” She smiled and did not clarify things before standing up and backing off. “I’ll go check if the soup’s done.”

With that, she left.

It was only after she closed the door that she realised her chest was heaving heavily while her heart pounded furiously.