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1070 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 20

“Feifei, I really like Lu Yanchen. Really, really do. Even though he may seem cold and always mock me for being stupid and ugly, he’s actually really, really nice to me. It’s just that he’s a Tsundere at times. Heh, I’ll call him the Tsundere Young Master then…”

“Feifei, Lu Yanchen broke up with me. I’m really sad. I don’t know why he would do that. He said that he was tired of me but he had just told me the previous day that he wanted to marry me.”

“Feifei, I can’t forget Lu Yanchen. I really miss him but I can’t find him anymore. He’s gone and he’s never coming back.”

“Feifei, please wake up. I’m so sad I feel like I’m dying. Please wake up and console me.”

“Feifei, I’m starting university and will be heading to the provincial city soon. So, we’ll be moving today but I’ll have to visit you less often.”

“Feifei, are you angry that I did not visit you after getting the champion’s title? Some things have happened… I met Lu Yanchen again. He was the one who passed me the trophy…”

“Feifei, I’m coaching Lu Yanchen how to swim. I want to teach him properly to have him overcome his water vertigo. Feifei, do you think this is a right decision?”

“Feifei, Lu Yanchen said he wants to marry me. I don’t know why he would want to do that.”

“Feifei, you’re about to do your operation soon and you may wake up from it. I hope that you wake up before my wedding. I want you to attend my wedding with Lu Yanchen.”

Shi Guang went from being a small little girl to a woman. From a frail, little weakling to a lovely, sweet teenager before turning even more beautiful and sunshine…

From her belly full of hatred, Shi Guang had become magnanimous because of her. At the same time, it was because of her that Shi Guang had met Lu Yanchen… before ending up together with him.

Yet, she was just lying on the bed in a coma – she could hear what Shi Guang was saying, she just couldn’t wake up.

Even though she could open her eyes at time, she couldn’t give any sort of response.

Rong Mo bit her lips tightly but no matter how she tried, she could not stop her tears from rolling down.

The moment she thought of how Shi Guang had suffered over the years, she could not contain the misery in her heart.

Sorry, Littly. I was the one who had failed to take good care of you. Instead, you had to endure such hardship because of me!

But, don’t worry. I’ll never abandon you again. Never again!

Rong Mo promised herself silently till she could no longer help it and broke out into a despondent wail.

Shi Guang!

My sister…!

After composing herself, Rong Mo went to wash up in the bathroom and had a change of clothes. She wanted to go look for Shi Guang right away.

She reckoned that the reason why she did not do so previously was because she had not fully remembered who she was.

However, she knew now – she was Mo Feifei.

How could she sit there idly and wait for the meeting arranged with Qianxun? No, she could wait no longer – she had to go look for Shi Guang now!

Shi Guang’s address and phone number was written in the notebook – she could go now!

Rong Mo tidied herself and dashed down the stairs.

Just then, Big Mountain carried a sturdy body and entered.

It was Shang Mo.

He was reeking of alcohol, seemingly dead drunk.