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1068 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 18

When they arrived, the lights in the house were lit. Big Mountain wanted to carry Shang Mo out, but the latter refused to budge in the car.

Standing outside, Big Mountain was conflicted.

He knew that Mr Rong was back and he was contemplating whether or not to request for Mr Rong’s help.

Rong Mo had returned home right after leaving Qianxun’s place in the afternoon. She found her room looking extremely similar to her room back in the capital.

After taking a shower, she headed to bed and slept.

Post dinner, she spent her time searching her bedroom trying to find anything familiar that could jolt her memories but to no avail.

Just as she pulled open a cabinet at the edge of her bed, she found something that could possibly help her.

A diary.

Opening it, she found sketches of a bright, cheery girl that was smiling and looking sunshine.

When she had her assistant look it up on the internet, there was indeed much news of Shi Guang and her photos.


Shi Guang.

Her sister.

She was indeed exceptional.

She was now a national swimmer and even though she hadn’t taken part in international competitions, she had clinched many champion titles domestically.

She was beautiful with long locks and a good figure, always bearing a sunshine smile.

There were many of her fans on Weibo referring her as the Swimming Goddess.

She had a good love life as well. After her sub account was exposed, Lu Yanchen was given the nickname ‘Wife Doting Devil’ and they would always flaunt their love, causing them to be the subject of envy for many maidens out there.

Curious to find out if Lu Yanchen truly doted on Shi Guang as the internet had claimed, Rong Mo had searched for the sub account as well only to find the posts resembling a teenage love drama.

The both of them met in high school and fell in love.

That was why when Rong Mo saw her sketches, she recognized them as Shi Guang right away.

Rong Mo’s eyes were reddened as she stroked the face of the girl in her sketching. “Shi Guang, you’re my sister, right?”

If she wasn’t, there wouldn’t be so many sketches of her.

Except, Rong Mo did not know the sort of dangers they were facing such that she could not reconcile with her sister nor did she remember what happened later on such that she ended up in Chang Xiaoyang’s hands once more.

Flipping through the pages, her gaze narrowed.

The next page contained many names.

Qianxun, Su Ya, Lin Yi’er, Yang Sitong and Shi Guang.

They were lined in a circle around a name in the middle – Mo Feifei.

The line connecting Su Ya and Qianxun said ‘Aunt and niece’

The line connecting her and Su Ya said ‘Not friends’

The line connecting her and Shi Guang said ‘Sisters’


Indeed, Shi Guang was her sister! She must not have remembered who she was previously nor who she was looking for and hence created this note for herself.

At that thought, Rong Mo flipped to the next page.

It was a diary entry.

Even though it was a diary entry, it was written from a third person point of view narrating a girl named Mo Feifei.

She was a genius girl who was a good kid to her parents.

However, there came a day when she was cornered by four girls in her school and was met with violence.