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1066 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 16

SA was a huge club invested by the Shang Corporation. In a place like Z City, there were tons of entertainment clubs all around.

However, SA was the most exclusive of them all. There were two types of escorts within – gorgeous young women and handsome young men.

Also, there were even professionals to train these escorts while the entire place was designed by famous designers such that every single pillar, wall and area was just like another world of its own.

The rumours about how Shang Mo swung both ways probably stemmed from the fact that he ran this club.

However, while this was an important place for the Shang Corporation, Shang Mo rarely visited this place unless he had to meet for business.

That day, Shang Mo headed to SA right after returning to Z City.

He was indeed meeting with a client earlier on.

However, long after the client left, Shang Mo was still there, drinking glass after glass.

This was not usual for Shang Mo.

There was a long-haired beauty beside him. She had sparkling, bright eyes alongside beautifully crafted brows and lashes. Her porcelain skin revealed a slight pinkish blush and those thin lips carried a gentle shade of rose.

Clients that met here for business would often have beautiful girls accompanying them.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. As the boss, there was naturally a need for Shang Mo to call for a girl while he was here to conduct business – how else would he manage to seal the deal?

However, he never once touched these women. The women knew the rules too and they would just sit quietly at the side, acting as his vase.

After the client left, the beautiful girl wanted to leave as well. However, Shang Mo did not ask for her to leave.

Thus, she sat down obediently, feeling slightly excited – she was the first woman whom Mr Shang had not chased away and kept to drink with him.

This was the Mr Shang.

If he fancied her, she would have it made in a single leap.

Carrying a slightly cautious and expectant attitude, she looked at him endearingly with the most charming smile she could muster up.

However, Shang Mo ignored her completely.

He did not have her leave because he wanted someone to pour the wine for him.

The woman was indignant, feeling that she was beautiful enough that any man should fall for her charms.

Her eyes twinkled as she moved slightly, bumping into Shang Mo gently. Her devilish actions and gaze were daring and tempting. “Mr Shang, let me drink with you.”

Shang Mo supported his forehead with his hand and raised his brow.

He merely wanted to drink in silence. Yet, the sound of this woman’s voice had disrupted his peace.

Raising his finger, he loosened his tie in frustration. Spitting out the stale air in his mouth, he drank yet another glass of wine.

Thinking that it was his way of accepting her request, the woman hurriedly drank her glass of wine as well while refilling their glasses.

Holding her glass of wine, her body wrapped closer to Shang Mo’s as she climbed step by step, even pushing her chest against his arm seductively. “Mr Shang…”

Shang Mo’s gaze turned deep as an abyss.

Turning slightly, he swept his gaze across the woman who was sticking to him as his eyes flickered dangerously…