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1065 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 15

The issue of whether Rong Mo was Mo Feifei was something that merely needed time.

Right now, Lu Yanchen was worried about something else – Su Ya.

Today’s incident was different from the past. Not only did Su Ya suffer, she was humiliated and disfigured.

At the same time, the Su Family had declared to cut off all ties with them.

When pushed to a corner, even rats would fight back. Within the span of 10 days, Su Ya had lost everything including the future she had planned – all because of Shi Guang.

There was no guarantee that she wouldn’t do anything deranged just for revenge.

Shi Guang saw his slightly dazed look and raised brow as though he was pondering over something.

Touching his face, she smiled and asked gently, “What’s wrong? What are you spacing out for?”

Lu Yanchen looked at her and gave a fake smile. “Be careful for this period of time. I’ll assign a few more bodyguards to you tomorrow.”

Shi Guang’s face stiffened at those words.

After a moment, she asked, “Why? Su Ya is no Yang Sitong. I don’t think she’d go as crazy as Yang Sitong did the other day, right?”

Lu Yanchen did not reply that Su Ya was a hundred times more terrifying than Yang Sitong.

Compared to Yang Sitong, Su Ya was smarter and way more devious.

Pushing someone like that to her edge was truly frightening. She wouldn’t just come at Shi Guang crazily like Yang Sitong – when she does come, it would be planned.

Shi Guang was always trusting of Lu Yanchen’s instincts and she did not dare take her safety for granted. “Alright then. But just make sure the bodyguards are not too conspicuous.”

“I’ll go arrange for it now.”

Shi Guang pulled his hand. “There’s no hurry. I’ll be at the provincial team the entire day tomorrow. Arrange for it tomorrow morning and come pick me up at night.”


They were in agreement.

Lu Yanchen cupped her face while kissing on her lips tenderly and dominatingly such that he was about to devour her whole.

She curled her arms around his neck and kissed back – this was like a back and forth war.

However, she was no match for Lu Yanchen and found herself in a delirious state before long. She tried fighting back by sitting on top of him but with a single move, he pinned her beneath him.

Sensing that they were about to go for round two, Shi Guang hurriedly declared, “No more. There’s no more condoms.”

Lu Yanchen breathed out beside her ear. “Raw then.”

Shi Guang rejected it. “No, absolutely not. I’ll still got to look for my sister.”

What has looking for her sister got to do with doing it raw?

Lu Yanchen bit at her ears. “Why are you thinking of her at a time like this?”

Shi Guang’s body was feeling fuzzy all over. “Because I miss her?”

Lu Yanchen: “…”

He had heard about how terrifying people who were overly protective of their siblings were… for a moment, he suddenly did not wish that Mo Feifei would return.

There’s a high chance that his wife’s got a deep fetish for her sister!

Qianxun appeared on the hot searches once more, this time round with Rong Mo involved.

They were filmed when Qianxun sent Rong Mo off and the act of Rong Mo supporting Qianxun from her fall was even spread as their relationship being exposed!

Qianxun was so used to rumours about her that she wasn’t bothered at all.

However, Rong Mo was. A so-called relationship rumor as such was a bloodbath for a newcomer into the entertainment scene like Rong Mo!