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1064 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 14

Lu Yanchen caressed her cheek gently with his finger before leaning in to kiss her on the forehead and saying softly, “A little longer and she’ll never appear before you ever again.”

“There’s nothing we can do if she chooses to show up as well. After all, she’s been at the Su Family for many years. It’s impossible to cut off all contact just like that.” Shi Guang wrapped her arms around his waist gently and hugged him.

If not for him, the outcome would have been unimaginable.

She was truly thankful that she had managed to meet him in her life. She decided to love him even more in the future. Wait, no. She had already given him all her love she had in this life – if so, there can’t be any comparison of more or less.

Reaching behind his neck, she pulled his head down and kissed him gently.

Lu Yanchen raised the hand that was at her waist over to her head and pulled her in, kissing her deeply.

Unlike Shi Guang’s soft and tender kiss that was like a drizzle, his passion was like a thunderstorm as he opened her mouth dominatingly.

Before long, the both of them were almost panting. However, when he wanted to pull back his hand that was around her waist, his nails even scraped her gently.

The both of them were so close that… Shi Guang felt it.

Lu Yanchen’s long, slim fingers raised her chin as he bit on her lips in a punishing manner. “How dare you laugh after fuelling the fire.”

Shi Guang buried herself in his embrace, wheedling, “It’s not my fault. I merely wanted to reward you by kissing you. Who knew that you would…”

Lu Yanchen proclaimed righteously, “There’s no other way! I’m afflicted with an addiction of eating you!”

Shi Guang was shocked. “Shouldn’t it be an addiction of wanting my skin?”

Lu Yanchen nodded his head and explained logically, “That’s right. An addiction of wanting to eat your skin. Therefore, when you see me from now on, you’ll have to kiss and hug me no matter when and why!”

Shi Guang: 囧

This guy was spouting nonsense!

In fact, it was logical nonsense!

In her silent, sweating moment, Lu Yanchen had already carried her to the bedroom while pinning her beneath him.

Before long, Shi Guang was nothing but a puddle of lust that he skipped playfully in.

Lu Yanchen was somewhat hurried that day – that bottle of acid must have given him a huge scare as he was already kissing her fiercely before much foreplay.

After their passionate session, Shi Guang could not fall asleep even though she was really tired. Resting her head on Lu Yanchen’s arm, she looked at him. “Do you think what Su Ya said was real? That Yan Zi was the one who caused my sister’s disappearance?”

“Probably so.”

Shi Guang sighed and slid down from his arm before sitting up. “There’s no hatred between me and Yan Zi. When she was staying at the Lus place with her mother previously, I saw Yan Zi looking at Chief Lu with a particularly hateful gaze. I think I mentioned it to you before…”

“Her mother was unfaithful and she hated her mother for it. She hated Chief Lu because her mother fancied him. Back when she was studying in the country, she hated Chief Lu to the core and it was because of that that she helped Yang Sitong. It was also because you married me that she targeted you. Do you hate me?”

Shi Guang shook her head. “Right now, I just want to know if Rong Mo’s my sister.”