His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1063 - 1063 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 13

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1063 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 13

“Leave. Your wound has already been dealt with. If you need to see another doctor for it, hurry and go. You can settle the expenses with Qianxun!”

His meaning was clear – they’re not meeting again.

Su Ya grabbed at Old Master Su’s hand with tears brimming. “Grandpa… I was truly just here to visit you.”

Looking at Old Master Su’s gaze quiver, Su Qiudao’s wife said to Su Ya, “Su Ya, don’t contact my son ever again! You guys are not blood related so it’s inappropriate for you guys to be so close to one another. Extremely inappropriate. He’s still a student and he shouldn’t get involved with random, casual women!”

Those words were harsh and cut right to the bone.

It was a personal attack directed at Su Ya, implying that she was a loose skank who wouldn’t even let a boy off.

Su Ya was thoroughly outraged.

However, since Su Qiudao’s wife did not direct it to her entirely, she could not refute it at all.

When Old Master Su heard that, he could not take it anymore as he roared, “That’s enough! Get out now!”

Muyang was only a child and yet Su Ya would do that… they were both people he had raised and Old Master Su could not believe that Su Ya would be that shameless – at best, he thought she would only be up to some slight tricks.

And he thought it was just because she wanted to return to the Su Family.

That mere thought of wanting to return meant that she still cared about the family.

However, there was always a bottom line to things. If she was going to get involved with a 17-year-old boy sexually just to return to the Su Family, that was crossing the line.Read more chapter on ReadNovelFull

Besides, to him, they were just like siblings.

Su Ya wanted to say something but Old Master Su had already ordered Uncle Wang to send them off, causing her to fume in rage.

She glared at Shi Guang. “You were the one who caused this!”

Shi Guang shrugged her shoulders. “You know better than anyone why everything’s as such right now.”

Su Qiudao’s wife scoffed coldly in disdain. “Don’t put on that pitiful face as though the entire world owes it to you. You know fair well what happened today. You took advantage of our Muyang being young and gullible. At least he learnt a lesson by seeing your true colours. Keep your distance from our family in the future!”

Su Muyang was still in a daze. When he heard his mother speaking to Su Ya, he turned to look at the latter with disappointment filling his face.

Meeting with his gaze, then at the contemptuous look of everyone else around, Su Ya found herself boiling with hot rage.

She grit her teeth.

Shi Guang, I’ll definitely not let you off!

After cursing in her heart, she left with Xu Yafeng.

While leaving, Xu Yafeng was cussing the entire way while Su Ya sat in the car, slamming the steering wheel in a frenzied manner.

Looking at her face in the mirror, she seethed with a malicious hatred as she bit her lips harshly.

If Lu Yanchen had not pulled Shi Guang away or kicked Su Muyang’s hand, she would not have been injured.

It was all Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen’s fault!

Right now, her heart was just like a venomous snake as she snarled, “Shi Guang, you cheap sl*t. Just you wait, I’ll have you pay a terrible price for it!”

Shi Guang was only wishing that Su Ya would never appear in the Su Family again after what happened.

She felt that Lu Yanchen had been looking at her fixatedly through the entire journey home. Turning around, she asked, “What’s wrong?”