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1061 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 11

Before long, Xu Yafeng arrived and Su Ya’s wound had been dealt with.

The moment Xu Yafeng caught sight of Su Ya’s face, she was so shocked her face went pale. “Yaya, my Yaya! What happened? Why are you disfigured? What should we do? Your life’s ruined!”

She bawled out in a howling shriek. In part, it was out of care for Su Ya – this was her daughter after all. However, there was naturally a part of her that wanted to get something out of the Sus from this.

Even though Su Ya’s face only made contact with a part of the acid, it was still severely damaged and the most serious portion was at her lips area where plastic surgery may not help with.

She was immensely blessed that the acid did not injure her eyes.

Before clarifying what happened, Xu Yafeng rushed at Shi Guang while berating fiercely, “It’s you! It’s all because of you! How vicious are you, Shi Guang? How dare you splash someone with acid? I’ve never seen anyone as evil as you!”

She even wanted to slap Shi Guang but Lu Yanchen stepped forth and pushed her hand away.

Stumbling back, Xu Yafeng was furious as she rushed to Old Master Su before crying. “Father, look what happened to Yaya! That Shi Guang is so evil that she can actually splash acid at someone! She wants to ruin our Yaya’s future! What should we do now? If she gets married, the other family’s going to bully her for her looks!”

Her true intentions were to have them invited back to stay with the Su Family.

She then pointed at Shi Guang. “Venomous woman! The Heavens will not let you off for your wrongdoings…!”

Xu Yafeng then continued cussing.

Old Master Su and Lu Yanchen’s faces were turning black as she continued.

Su Muyang listened on uneasily and looked at the silently calm Shi Guang with an awkward and confused expression. He then said to Xu Yafeng, “It wasn’t her who splashed the acid, it was me.”

Xu Yafeng was stunned and shrieked. “What?”

Su Muyang looked at Su Ya. “Yaya was the one who gave it to me. She said that it was soda water, and I…”

Su Ya’s body stiffened before turning to Su Muyang in shock. “Muyang, when did I give you any soda water? I brought nothing with me when I arrived! Everyone knows that!”

Su Muyang felt his entire heart sinking.

It was truly as Shi Guang had predicted – she denied everything.

Xu Yafeng roared, “Why are you lying, Muyang? Are you…”

Muyang’s mother cut her off. “It was clearly your daughter who had instigated our Muyang telling him it was soda water!”

Shi Guang added. “When Muyang splashed it, your daughter was the one who rushed forth. It was probably because she saw Yanchen pulling me away that she wanted to pull me to the acid only to have it splash on her instead.”

“It was because of Lu Yanchen’s kick that the acid landed on me!” Su Ya cried.

“Were you the one who gave Muyang the acid then?”

Su Ya replied innocently without any hesitation, “No! I don’t know how Muyang got his hands on something like that!”

Su Muyang said miserably, “You were the one who gave it to me. Why are you not admitting to it?”

Xu Yafeng rushed over like a rabid dog. “How could our Yaya have done that? I know, you guys have disliked our Yaya for a long time as a family! You guys set this up together to torture my Yaya, right?”