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1060 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 10

Su Muyang looked the same way Shen Yiren did when she was had.

Shi Guang sighed and looked at Su Qiudao’s wife. “Don’t worry, Su Ya should be fine. She was only slightly injured and can recover with plastic surgery. Besides, she wouldn’t want to sue Muyang given how much she dotes on him.”

Su Muyang looked at Shi Guang with a confused gaze before roaring, “Of course Yaya won’t scold me!”

His mother was furious. “Muyang, you’re not a child anymore. Don’t you know what you’re doing?”

Su Muyang pouted his lips and said nothing – he had not meant to splash acid.

Shi Guang then said, “Don’t blame him anymore. He truly did not know that it was acid. After all, they’ve known one another for a long time and to him, Su Ya has always been the kind and doting elder sister while I’m just an outsider. It’s only natural for him to trust her more.”

Already furious at Shi Guang, Su Muyang spouted rudely, “I don’t need you to speak up for me! Hypocrite!”

His mother wanted to scold him once more but was held back by Shi Guang who looked at Su Muyang.

“Go think about it yourself what Su Ya meant when she said that it was soda water. She may not have asked you to do it or she might have even tried dissuading you from doing it, but she must have been hinting at it with everything she said, asking you to do it as a punishment to me. She did not tell you that it was acid because she knew that you wouldn’t do it if that was the case. She even made herself out to be a victim as though she was bullied by me, so that you would want to stand up for her!”

Su Muyang thought about it – that seemed to be the case.

However, he was still in disbelief.

How could someone whom he had spent such a long time with and had doted on him since he was a child want to hurt him out of the blue?

“Yaya is someone so kind, she must not have known about it,” He was finding excuses for Su Ya subconsciously.

Su Muyang’s mother pulled him by the ear right away. “Don’t you know how much trouble you’ve caused? No, I must ask your father to come back to teach you a good lesson…”

“N-No! Mum, I know my mistakes now!” Su Muyang was extremely afraid of Su Qiudao who would whip him painfully with his belt.

Shi Guang was not surprised at Su Muyang’s response. If she was in the same shoes and someone had told her that Mo Jin was an evil person, she would think that it was a lie whether or not that was the truth.

There was no reason other than the fact that they had grown up together.

She then looked at Su Muyang. “You’re not the first person nor are you the one who is suffering the worst. There’s too many people that has been set up by her. Even if you were the one who threw it, she can easily deny any involvement whatsoever.”

Su Muyang’s face stiffened slightly.

Lu Yanchen pulled Shi Guang away and said icily, “Don’t waste your breath on him. He’s not going to believe you until he actually suffers in her hands.”

If Shi Guang was the one splashed by the acid earlier, he would not let this brat off.

Shi Guang did not want to care too much either. However, she knew that grandpa doted on this grandson of his and Su Qiudao and his wife had been kind to her as well.

She then said, “You don’t believe me, right? How about this? Later, in front of Su Ya, tell grandpa that she was the one who gave you the acid.”

Su Muyang was still not convinced that the goddess he revered would actually set him up. But no matter how much he did not want to believe in it, he could not bury that odd, sinking sensation creeping in him.