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1059 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 9

Instinctively, Shi Guang wanted to step forth but she was held back by Lu Yanchen. He pulled her a couple meters back and stood forth – it was clear that he was going to settle the issue for her.

However, Qianxun had already rushed forth first. “Su Ya, what’s wrong?”

Even though only a small amount of the acid had landed on Su Ya’s face, it still burnt at her skin.

Su Ya was trembling in pain, bawling terribly and could not reply Qianxun at all.

“Su Ya…” Qianxun went over to help her up. When she peeled Su Ya’s hand away, she lost her breath at the sight of Su Ya’s right face.

It has only been a short while but Su Ya’s right face was almost gone. Her once jade white skin was now rotting putridly as though they were sand mounds with deep lumps and a black colour.


Qianxun shrieked out uncontrollably before yelling, “U-Uncle Wang! Get the doctor over!”

Ever since Old Master Su had fallen ill, they had kept a doctor at home – the latter was now on a walk.

Qianxun then consoled Su Ya immediately. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! Medicine is really advanced these days. We’ll find the best hospital to take care of the burns and plastic surgery. No matter how much money or effort, we’ll definitely make sure you regain your looks!”

Su Ya could no longer speak through the stinging pain of the acid. She could only listen to Qianxun’s words and be supported upstairs to wait for the doctor.

The commotion woke Old Master Su up as he walked over clutching his walking stick.

After hearing Shi Guang explain the incident, Old Master Su looked at Su Muyang sternly. “Where did you get the acid from?”

Su Muyang was really afraid of Old Master Su and was always fearful and respectful to him. Right now, he was so scared that he buckled and kneeled on the ground. “Grandpa, I’m sorry! Please don’t be angry!”

Raising his brow, Old Master Su was about to scold when Shi Guang stood in. “He did not know that it was acid. Su Ya was the one who gave it to him. Initially, he had wanted to splash it at me. However, Yanchen pulled me away and kicked his hand. At the same time, Su Ya suddenly moved forth and that’s why some of it landed on her face.”

“What? Splash you?!” Old Master Su was even more furious at those words and raised his walking stick, wanting to beat Su Muyang with it.

However, Shi Guang stopped him, patting Old Master Su on the back to calm him down. “Grandpa, he truly did not know…”

Shi Guang’s words had another meaning beneath it as Old Master Su breathed heavily, trying to ease the different emotions surging through him.

Uncle Wang arrived with the doctor.

The moment the doctor found out that someone was injured, he rushed upstairs to treat Su Ya.

Old Master Su glared at Su Muyang deeply before asking Uncle Wang to take him upstairs.

Su Muyang’s face was totally bitter as he was almost crying with reddened eyes. When his mother came down and found out about everything, she gave him a tight slap on the face.

Su Muyang cried. “Yaya said that it was water! Why did it turn out to be acid?”

His mother was enraged. “How could you believe her?!”

If Shi Guang was the one splashed by the acid today, the Su Family would never be peaceful ever again – that Su Ya was vicious!

“You can’t differentiate between acid and soda water?” Shi Guang was speechless.

If Lu Yanchen had not pulled her away, that acid would have landed on her.

Her face would have been… the mere thought of it had Shi Guang terrified.